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    Should I use Pictures or Sprites for flash-like animations?

    Some time ago I created this thread because I was planning on using sprites to create bone animations that would be played during the game. The reason why I opted for sprites, was mainly their z property that I imagined I could use to change the "layer" of the image whenever I needed, while I...
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    [SOLVED] How do I "draw" a white square on the screen?

    OH MY GOD THERE IT IS! IT EVEN WORKS IN THE MAP EVENT! (I knew about the console log, but didn't think I could paste and run code in it!) Thank you so much Sir, I cracked my head with this for a while now, I'm very grateful! Although I can't figure out how to make it show a picture from the...
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    [SOLVED] How do I "draw" a white square on the screen?

    Well I assume you meant for me to change Scene_Map.prototype.create to Scene_Map.prototype.createDisplayObjects, so now the code looks like this but still nothing var aliasCreate = Scene_Map.prototype.createDisplayObjects; Scene_Map.prototype.createDisplayObjects = function() {...
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    [SOLVED] How do I "draw" a white square on the screen?

    But I also don't know how to set textures, so any explanation on that would be appriciated as well.
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    [SOLVED] How do I "draw" a white square on the screen?

    This is probably a super easy problem to solve, but I'm still a newbie at js so I don't know what to do. I need a map event to make a sprite appear on the screen with a script call, like you would with a picture, but I'm not using those because for what I've seen they are not as dynamic and...

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