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  • I was wondering if you've heard anything about the patch that allows you to show text anywhere on the screen utilizing pictures being upgraded to work with the official 2k3 release? Your work with 2k3 is awesome dude, keep it alive. I'm 33 and am still playing with 2k3 largely thanks to your work with the game engine. I appreciate the official patch updates you post. Please continue posting
    Yeah the dynrpg is the one I was talking about. That's awesome to know there's some people toying with dynrpg to work with official 2k3. I'll check out the maniac patch and read up on it. I only utilize 1 patch in my project and that's the text to picture one. Is maniac for official 2k3 have any glaring bugs that you know of?
    Hey cherry, where can I find the maniac patch that is official 2k3 friendly? I checked out official 2k3 plugins over on rmn and didn't see any maniacs patch for it. I would love to check it out if you know an address for it if it's not too much trouble?
    Disregard. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looks like with all your awesome work on the official 2k3 engine and all of the things bingshan has added I've got plenty of new tools to learn how to utilize. Thanks for your commitment to this engine cherry. My 4 year old daughter always asks to play my game with me and it's just a great thing all you people are doing upgrading this engine. Right on my man
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