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    RMMV A colorblind protagonist

    It really depends, is the character fully colorblind or is he not able to see a certain color spectrum? If he only sees in black and white, it might be a whole lot easier to tint the screen gray with an event If he's color blind in certain color spectrums then you might need to recolor the...
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    Event Help - Multiple Variables

    It should be pretty simple to make sure that your player has all 3 you need to setup conditional branches that check for those 3 items, if the player doesnt have one of them, display a text that they need to find all 3 (or some other text that you want) It would probably look like this If...
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    Store ActorID in Variable after using a skill

    Any screenshots you could share so we can understand it better?
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    Variable going down with every step?

    If you want different events to happen on certain hp then you could just set a variable for the hero's hp in game data - actor - hp On default the player wouldnt die from poison, it's probably because you checked the knockout from slip/floor damage box in systems. But im still not sure what you...
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    Variable going down with every step?

    i just remembered the damage floor feature that barely anyone uses. it literally does the same thing but it does it directly to the players HP. that method might be simpler then using the steps counter or the other method
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    Variable going down with every step?

    There's an easier solution by using a wait timer after decreasing the variable, you could estimate how many frames it takes for one step and use it as your wait frame, just remember that running and walking takes different amount of frames to execute
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    Variable going down with every step?

    Read the lower ones, i didnt see your screenshot at first. Im talking about the 2nd page with the conditonal branch, the script Player.IsMoving makes it so it counts every frame when the player moves As in, if one step takes 60 frames then it'll repeat the event 60 times for each step
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    Variable going down with every step?

    Can you take a screenshot of the event? Might help a lot more But for now what i can tell is that you made the change variable to set instead of add My bad, screenshot didnt load for me So from what im seeing is that the script doesnt count each step but instead every frame when the player...
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    What makes a good Isekai game? What to avoid?

    What really boils me is how most isekai if not all dont even capitalize on the fact that you're from a different world. When you get rid of the whole transported to a new world trope what you get is just a fantasy story. Why not play on the fact that you lived in another world? Why not instead...
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    message window position

    I recommend installing srdude's hud maker, you can easily customize any windows in the game using the plugin's editor.
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    RMMV A Dungeon dilemma - Sometimes Heroes get Bored too !

    I assume you've played clicker games or roguelike before, they're just repetition over and over again. It's not much different from a tower climber in how it's just repetition of the same thing. If you have that sort of dilemma then maybe a tower climbing game isnt what you're looking to do...
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    Making an item that only works after a certain time or number of turns after use

    You can definitely do this by using a dedicated switch for the evac item. Turning it on and off when the conditions are met. For the timer, you could use a variable that counts down 5 minutes real time (tho rpg maker seems a bit inconsistent with frame time) For the healing item you can also...
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    RMMV Roguelite RPG Board Game

    Thank you, Since you said i might need a few plugins, do you have any that you could recommend? I'd honestly rather have my workload be simpler with plugins rather than having to use complicated events
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    I had to read the replies to understand too lol

    I had to read the replies to understand too lol
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    Definitely not necessary as you can probably do it yourself if you're familiar with the...

    Definitely not necessary as you can probably do it yourself if you're familiar with the languange. But an editor would be nice for some extra polish. Would i pay? If a project is big enough, i'd definitely need a helping hand

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