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  • So, I don't think I'm authorised to ask a question, but I'm really stuck. I've just started VX Ace. Used to develop massive RPG 2003 games. My favourite thing to do was to make a really complicated town that developed over the years, and that ppl lived and died, and went to bed and did their jobs, and said different things depending on the time of day and all that jazz. Used to make some pretty epic stuff, like parties at night and having your own jobs that started and certain...
    Well you should have ask support for help, and also there is no problem asking question like that. a some of people here have legal Japanese version of RPG 2003 anyway. As long as it related to rpg maker in general.
    Our rules state that you should ask for help in the forums, not in the profile feed. But why would you not be authorized to ask a question? Are you using a pirated copy of Ace or something?
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My new 49" monitor has been dispatched from the warehouse. Will it arrive tomorrow? The day after? I love that we can track packages now, even if it does only tell me when it's left that end and when it's arrived at the local centre. As long as it doesn't end up in Melbourne again, which has happened before ...
My friend's doing a surprise stream of my game Origin Hunt on Twitch here ! Feel free to stop by :yhappy:
Me, designing it a long time ago: Having an optional boss fight as a random chance to trigger when you fish in a certain spot with a certain type of bait is fun! Cool idea!
Me, trying to playtest everything again: oh god just let me see the boss, my bag is so full of fish!
both love and pain have no boundaries

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