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    Retro Style - Chiptune Music For Your Projects

    Greetings everyone! Do you need music for your project? I have a Bandcamp that has a number of free songs if you're looking for some fun chiptunes. I really want to work with some teams on some jams. So if you're doing a jam and need some music, depending...

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It's satisfying to master the usage of a hard plugin, then making it do what you want. ( o w o)!!
I'll be redesigning some of the main characters from my many wip stories :kaohi:

Starting with the (chronologically) first of them, Cedric!
gotta love when a plugin you thought had nothing to do with why something else wasn't working winds up being the issue...
Doing RPG Maker News for 26th September 2021

Well... it's been a while since I was last here :kaoswt: I don't want to say I'm officially 'back' yet, but I've recently started working with RM again, so I might become active here again :kaohi:

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