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    Fence Tiles Don't Match

    I'm not using a parallax program. I'm using the download this website sent me for the Steampunk Town tileset. Link: Edit: I'm using RPG Maker MV as well, which I believe is the intended engine for the product.
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    Fence Tiles Don't Match

    There's probably something simple I'm doing wrong, but the white fence posts (pics below) don't add up. The right angle leading right and down and the right angle leading right and up don't connect. I've tried a bunch of combinations for the right-angled fence tiles, but nothing seems to work...
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    Deployment Issues

    I sent it to someone with a Mac computer. He said the file was only 1KB long and couldn't use it. I can get windows deployment to work, but web browser deployment seems to have the same effect: 1 KB, unusable. What am I not doing right? I'm sure there's some glaring oversight I'm missing.
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    Deployment Issues

    I clicked deploy, I excluded unused files, I chose a folder, and nothing playable is created, every time. I've tried right clicking the game and sending it to a compressed zip folder, but that makes basically the same thing. How can I deploy a game so that someone can actually download it? So...
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    [THex] Tutorial Series, From Beginner to Advanced

    Hey, I feel like I could get a lot out of this, but there's one problem: I can't view the links of the tutorials on any of my devices. There's just a bunch of white space where they should be. Is there something terribly wrong with my various devices (probably)? If not, where could I get the...
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    Center Text

    Thanks! That tool you made really does help. Trial and error now I guess. I appreciate the advice. 
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    Center Text

    Hello all. I have Yanfly's Core Engine, Message Core, and Extended pack One for the message core. I know there's a command that you do to center text, but I can't seem to be doing it properly or I haven't found it at all. What is the string of text that centers say, scrolling text and where do I...
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    Galv MV Layer Graphics

    Hello all! Can you help me with layering a parallax map so that when I go under a tree, I have the tree mapping go over the character while under the tree or building/anything that needs to go over the character? I'm trying to use the plugin by Galv, Layer Graphics MV. I have my current settings...
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    Camera Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    Hello! I want to use this plugin, but it just doesn't seem to be very functional to me. When I set it to CamFollow an event that will jump around the page and move around, all I get is the parallax background. Acres and acres of... nothing. An example might be as follows: I set it to CamFollow...
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    Event Errors in a Room

    I appreciate your concern. It's something I've been dwelling on as well. I acknowledge that I am working on an ambitious project for a complete novice such as myself, but I have been through approximately 100 hours of tutorials as well. I've been to Youtubers, I've been to SumRndmDde's fantastic...
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    Cutscene issues

    I'm currently trying out a test for an opening cutscene. The problem is, I'm only two weeks into using any sort of RPG product and therefore suffer from lack of experience. I've configured things thus far to run in one autorun event as the two events I had before, one autorun and one parallel...
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    Event Errors in a Room

    What can I do to provide sufficient information? 
  13. Cipher001

    Event Errors in a Room

    I know this is a rudimentary knowledge question, but I'm just two weeks into programming games and I need all the help I can get, especially when almighty Google doesn't help. In addition to the problem stated above, now when I access the control module and exit on the first blurb of text...
  14. Cipher001

    Event Errors in a Room

    Thanks a ton! This was really helpful. Alas, my inexperience still reigns supreme, and I messed something up and still can't seem to fix it. Right now, the laser doors flicker on, then disappear. The event is still there -- you can't walk past it -- but the laser door image shows for a second...
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    Shaz's Change Tile Size plugin

    My sincere apologies. Shaz herself* even showed up. Again, thank you. 

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