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  • Finding time for RPG Maker VX Ace again in my free time between work and college. Hoping for smooth editing so I can just relax (Probably won't happen though, that's just hopeful thinking, lol)
    Tales of Vesperia is the RPG I'm playing at the moment. It's kind of sad but I feel like restarting just so I can get all the characters costumes.
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I've decided to try and be more social and less nervous about engaging. I'm always over thinking things - from now on when I'm worried or don't get something I'll just ask.
Sometimes a mechanic that is meant to add challenge is just annoying. Even the Final Fantasy games did not completely escape this pitfall of design. (FF8 draw system I'm looking at you - grrrr)
starting working on the sprites for one of my games major antagonists finally. here's the first frame of his chanting motion in battle.
Have spent too much time hammering out with a friend just how to make a reoccurring enemy that permanently learns skills you use against her.
I know what I want in a loose sense. Maybe I should just make a post asking for opinions and suggestions.

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