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    Crystal Noel Pokemon Engine Script Error

    So I am on a mission to make my girlfriend a short Pokemon game before Christmas. But I'm running into the following problem. I have looked into the script myself and tried to figure out the root of the problem to no avail. It's supposedly a simple naming error somewhere or tag, however I...
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    When you buy MV and then a week later it goes on sale for 30% off <3

    When you buy MV and then a week later it goes on sale for 30% off <3
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    Where do YOU get your non-RTP BGM/SE for games?

    I never thought about using Newgrounds before. I'll have to check it out
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    TyperError when trying to Playtest.

    Well, sadly I can't be of much help for when I try to test it in my game I get a totally different error  :dizzy:
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    TyperError when trying to Playtest.

    Did you change any of the parameters of the plugin at all? Where is it in the order of your plugins? There may be a conflict with another plugin...most likely yanfly item core.
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    Where do YOU get your non-RTP BGM/SE for games?

    I haven't really looked into any of the resource threads yet, I was on my way to class when I posted this. There's definitely a lot of different kinds of music people have made on here, and it's kind of overwhelming  :distrust:   ...which is why I am currently trying to focus on sound effects...
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    Where do YOU get your non-RTP BGM/SE for games?

    So I really want to incorporate audio and sounds that aren't RTP into my MV project. But since I may end up taking my project commercial I want to make sure I won't run into any trouble with copyright. I get that the safest bet is to record or mix your own sounds. But if I'm in a bind for a...
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    No Files Found in MV Project?

    Both of you would indeed be correct. For some reason I have a "#" in my username on my computer. After moving the game to just the :C drive it loaded the files correctly. Thank you!
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    No Files Found in MV Project?

    I just finished the download and made a new project, no luck. Still says "(None)" when trying to select an image, music, tileset, etc.
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    No Files Found in MV Project?

    They're definitely in the folder for the project. I haven't added any custom images or music yet, it's all content that came with the program. No, I did not change the original folders in any way. Is there one that I need to change? Edit: Like stated above, I'm in the correct folder...
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    Dragon Face and Sprite

    Unless the terms of use for whoever made it says it can only be used in RPGMaker VX then you can just resize it to fit MV sizes.
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    No Files Found in MV Project?

    So... I feel like I'm missing something, because I have NO files/images/bgm apparently loaded in my project. They're in the folder for my project!!! (games/[insert game name]/audio/bgm or games/[insert game name]/img/faces etc. etc.) But when I go to change say, a characters face to change...
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    Dragon Face and Sprite

    I know this is requests but you could find one through googling so. Has one that you'd probably need to change on the color on. Though if you look up RPGMaker Dragon Faceset you can find one, like this one: You'll need to find out...
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    [Dev] Capturing enemies, recruit them as actors!

    I can't wait for this plugin to be finished :D I really want to switch over to MV with my game, but a way to catch multiple of the same enemy is a must :/
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    Able to use DS+ Resources In Commercial MV Game?

    Cool! Thank you for reassuring me!

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