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    [RMMV] Tried to make my game look crispier, turns out my sprite gets deformed.

    I tried using 1296x720 resolution, still doesn't work.
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    [RMMV] Tried to make my game look crispier, turns out my sprite gets deformed.

    Hello I'm making a game with a 1280x720 resolution (making it larger makes the sprites looks smaller which is a problem). So I tried to use this method ( and yes it works but my sprite looks like a deformed alien. Is...
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    How do you guys credit Kadokawa for the resources?

    Do you guys put it in notepad?
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    Announcement RPG Maker MV KADOKAWA Freebies 2019!

    Hello Is it really free? I mean we can use it for non-commercial and commercial?
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    Hello I am ClamPearl, currently using RMMV. I started making RPG a year ago and wanted to share my thoughts about my future RPG games. I also joined here to hear your opinions and feelings about my game in development and to improve myself. It's nice to meet you. I'm particularly interested in...
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    Is it ok to use other game sprite as reference. (I mean legally)

    I am actually new in RPG MAKER and wanted to try to make a game. So im using Ib Sprite as a reference to my character. Is it ok? (this is my first thread btw)

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