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    RMVXA Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods

    This game is made with rpg maker vx ace, not MV. The program should be a self installer .exe, you just double click it and it will extract the needed files on the prompted path. Once extracted you enter the new folder and select the Game.exe (or Illarion.exe if the author modified it somehow)...
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    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    You've overdone it with the customizations and what's worse is that there is little to no explanation about what does what. Choosing Race or Home Location has any impact? Is there any reason to make less than 8 characters? Even the normal dialogues are so cumbersome it feels like a chore just...
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    How do you know when a video game is good?

    I know a videogame is good when I start nitpicking on even the smallest of its flaws and think how I could improve it if, somehow, I could mod it. If a game is bad, then it's beyond repair, so not even worth start nitpicking about its flaws.
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    Self Insert Characters: Good or Bad?

    I voted yes, always, they can do what they want because it's their work. It's gonna happen regardless anyway, if not directly, the self insert will happen splitting different aspect's of the author's persona across different characters, it just cannot be avoided, unless the author is merely...
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    The worst games you have ever played

    Dark Castle for Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) I don't think I can describe how bad it was, so I'll just let the Angry Video Game Nerd do it for me. And let's not forget it can be finished in 90 seconds... Such an epic ending.
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    What are you thoughts on Voice Acting?

    9 times out of 10, it's cringeworthy and makes you want to turn off the volume. There, I said it.
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    It's impossible to give feedback for this. The game is three rooms, one dialogue and one boss fight. Literally. You start at level 50 with a mage, and can recruit another level 50 character (a fighter) at the first screen. Then you go inside a castle and fight a dragon. You nuke him, he...
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    Final Fantasy V Fiesta!

    FF5 would have been perfect if Galuf didn't die, or at least had he been replaced by someone equally badass. Getting her niece with zero combat experience suddenly gaining all her powers was just... ugh... I wish there was a mod out there for some FF5 version (the best so far is the GBA...
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    Games you think are Overrated?

    The word overrated tends to get associated with bad when actually overrated is a word that concerns decent, descreet or even fairly good games that are hailed as masterpieces. It's unlikely you'll ever see a truly bad game hailed as such. As for my personal experience, when I think of...
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    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    It's time for Final Fantasy to start indulging into Evil Parties and Evil point of view. Wanna challenge the status quo? Now there's your chance. Go ahead and make a Final Fantasy (not a spinoff, but one chapter of the series) with Garland as main character, as a sort of tribute for reinventing...
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    RMVXA Teihrvalas

    I doubt anyone's gonna try this out if you put a password on the installer and don't tell us what the password is...
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    First RPG game you ever played

    Either Secret of Mana or Dungeons and Dragons: Warriors of Eternal Sun. I honestly don't remember which one was first anymore :unsure:
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    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    This interview is being blown out of proportion here. Most likely it was just a PR spin that came out wrong (he's trying to advertise FF15 here as the one game that will be the new FF7 blablabla I don't believe it for a sec, no way they'd be remaking FF7 so soon if it really was.)
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    How many skills is too many skills?

    It's too many when you start seeing redundancy. When a skill stops being used at a certain point of a game because a new one makes the former completely obsolete then something was done wrong. This is a heritage of the typical Fire1, Fire2, Fire3 approach. While it has a nice retro feeling...

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