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    Misty and Dugg's Bedroom
    lovey :D
    ****, I'd live in that right now.
    I didn't think I was going to like this map because of the extreme saturation but you've actually managed to bring things together really well. You get my spiritual applause until I can find a clapping emoji on here.
    You know what time it is? That's right, it's time for Da Update.

    After a few attempts, I finally made a title screen that doesn't lag the game completely. it's still subject to change but the base of it is there. I also added some accessibility options like a choice in a more readable font or window skin.

    IDK if it was my upbringing as someone with a truckdriver parent, but I love the feeling of going into a gas station and getting different kinds of snacks for a long car ride.

    At our Gas Stations Consumables cost up to twice the Price you would pay in a normal Store. Quitting or minimizing that habit could safe you lots of Money.

    But i like the Idea and the Picture.
    As a truck driver who makes a daily 6 hour run, I know what you mean. XD
    It's time for Da Update...

    Prototyping some overworld abilities. Some of the characters you'll meet on your journey can use special overworld skills to travel around. This can be something like digging holes in the ground or getting hints towards your next objective.

    It's been so long since I had to us a logical AND (&&) that I needed to look it up to see if that was even a thing you can do. But hey, I have dynamic UI now so that's nice.

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I'm going to be adding in combat animations, revamping the UI and putting in a new cutscene this week, so this is your last chance to play the MC:RIS demo in its original form! Say you were there since the beginning!
I added reflections and shadows. Though one of the party seems to have no reflection, is floating, with glowing eyes. I'm sure it's fine.
Well. *That* was an entertaining fustercluck — and that’s not meant nearly as sarcastically as it sounds. I just had to make four different versions of the same conversation:
1: Attained MacGuffin.
2: Have not attained MacGuffin, but know its location.
3: Do not know MacGuffin’s location, but have a good idea where to find it.
4: Do not know where to look for MacGuffin.
Yep, feels good to be back. ^.^
I'm soooooooooo tired TT___TT why can't there be a plugin to let me sleep + work simultaneously ... !!
Mixing different pixi filters over a picture. :MV3:

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