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  • "If the game is too easy, then just skip over most of the content"

    Apparently, the only way to make a game fun is to play less of it.
    You seem to be saying it snarkily, but as a consumer I can't make a game fun. That was done, or not, by the designer. I have absolutely returned games that offered no challenge. Other people make use of things like story mode. You have to choose an audience for your projects.
    That's what I'm saying lol. Alot of people seem to invalidate the criticism of a game being too easy by stating that you can simply add a self-imposed challange to make it fun. When it really shouldn't be on the consumers end to that. It's just not a good defense for a game.
    Ah, I gotcha.
    Did some sprite work today.
    Why are job interviews so terrifying. :kaodes:
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    Congrats on landing the job! I gotta say tho... I haven't been interviewed for my last 3 jobs. It was more like, I got there to talk to the one in charge, and they just talked to me about how they operate, maybe asked if I was going to be able to do everything that was described.
    They're horrible, right? I'd held 2 jobs for 10 years each, so was WAY out of practice when I started looking again. My current job, I'd worked here for 2 years, then somewhere else for 18 months, then interviewed back here again - interview with people I knew and had worked with, but was still a horribly anxious process!
    i know right???

    Now that IGMC is over, I want to give a big special THANK YOU for all of those who checked out and reviewed my game. I sincerely want to improve as a game developer and seeing those actively engaging with my product and giving me critiques on how to be better in the future is something I value immensely.
    I feel like I went through one of those anime time skips IRL after I played Splatoon 3 the other day.

    I improved so much since my days playing first game.
    I got a philosophical for y'all...

    Is an RPG truly an RPG without an obligatory sliding block puzzle in it?
    Yes. In 5 games I've done it once, and I consider the other 4 to be RPGs
    The real obligatory sliding block puzzle was the friends we made along the way.
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    is it a game and do you play a role
    [ ] y
    [ ] n
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    I'm still undecided weather or not I should add minor swearing to my game. Like I'm going for an all ages demographic... but the idea of a cartoon character saying dammit, hell, or crap in normal conversation is really funny to me.
    If it fits the character I think it is fine. but if you want to be sure to be fine with everybody you can use Pseudo-cursing.
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    Just use ye old timey swears, some of them are hilarious and people are hypocrites by nature so almost no one is going to get offended by them even if you use old timey curses that by definition are more offensive in meaning than their modern counterparts.
    no "all ages demographic" game is ever free of any blame, anywhere.
    just leave the swearing as you intend, slap a big 16+ rating tag on the cover and call it a day.
    if anyone says anything to you about it, you quietly point them to the rating tag.
    until 18 years of age, any kid is the responsibility of their parents.
    don't parent other people's kids.... it's not your responsibility.
    You know what time it is? That's right, it's time for Da Update.

    After a few attempts, I finally made a title screen that doesn't lag the game completely. it's still subject to change but the base of it is there. I also added some accessibility options like a choice in a more readable font or window skin.

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