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  • Final screenshot of my IGMC entry before release. Let's just hope I can finish everything before the due date. here's hoping.

    I got a philosophical for y'all...

    Is an RPG truly an RPG without an obligatory sliding block puzzle in it?
    Yes. In 5 games I've done it once, and I consider the other 4 to be RPGs
    The real obligatory sliding block puzzle was the friends we made along the way.
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    is it a game and do you play a role
    [ ] y
    [ ] n
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    I'm still undecided weather or not I should add minor swearing to my game. Like I'm going for an all ages demographic... but the idea of a cartoon character saying dammit, hell, or crap in normal conversation is really funny to me.
    If it fits the character I think it is fine. but if you want to be sure to be fine with everybody you can use Pseudo-cursing.
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    Just use ye old timey swears, some of them are hilarious and people are hypocrites by nature so almost no one is going to get offended by them even if you use old timey curses that by definition are more offensive in meaning than their modern counterparts.
    no "all ages demographic" game is ever free of any blame, anywhere.
    just leave the swearing as you intend, slap a big 16+ rating tag on the cover and call it a day.
    if anyone says anything to you about it, you quietly point them to the rating tag.
    until 18 years of age, any kid is the responsibility of their parents.
    don't parent other people's kids.... it's not your responsibility.
    You know what time it is? That's right, it's time for Da Update.

    After a few attempts, I finally made a title screen that doesn't lag the game completely. it's still subject to change but the base of it is there. I also added some accessibility options like a choice in a more readable font or window skin.

    IDK if it was my upbringing as someone with a truckdriver parent, but I love the feeling of going into a gas station and getting different kinds of snacks for a long car ride.

    At our Gas Stations Consumables cost up to twice the Price you would pay in a normal Store. Quitting or minimizing that habit could safe you lots of Money.

    But i like the Idea and the Picture.
    As a truck driver who makes a daily 6 hour run, I know what you mean. XD
    It's time for Da Update...

    Prototyping some overworld abilities. Some of the characters you'll meet on your journey can use special overworld skills to travel around. This can be something like digging holes in the ground or getting hints towards your next objective.

    It's been so long since I had to us a logical AND (&&) that I needed to look it up to see if that was even a thing you can do. But hey, I have dynamic UI now so that's nice.

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Can hopefully move onto doing visual effects and sound design now. :kaophew:

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Title Screen 100% Finished
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