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    Array assigning itself where it isn't wanted?

    There was an impression that there were many arrays but there was only ever one. A wizard was building a citadel but was a cheapskate and built only one toilet/bathroom and conjured up doors for each floor that all led to the one toilet. Zero Out Arrays did the same thing. The clone() method...
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    Anyone had any luck with using Typescript (compiles to JS) to develop plugins?

    Follow the instructions to install atom-typescript if that hasn't been done yet. TypeScript uses a file name tsconfig.json and there's a nifty option to compile on save and I think there's also a watch mode.
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    Javascript: Aesthetic and Readable

    Simpler is better but above all, comment blocks should be indented so they can be folded out of the way. I think folding also makes those horizontal bars less useful than people realize. One or more blank lines is good enough to separate sections. Providing an index of symbols in a comment...
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    Help. Trying to create a stealth tag event system

    Defining a function in a Script Event Command doesn't create the function for use later. Create a plugin file for your functions and add it to the plugin to the project. The getEventId() function is missing it's closing brace/curly bracket which is the source of the error message. Game_Event...
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    Anyone had any luck with using Typescript (compiles to JS) to develop plugins?

    It's already been said but TypeScript is JS so it has all the same problems as JS such as having both == and === operators. TypeScript is directly by Microsoft so that's out anyway. Since Lua was mentioned perhaps something like Fengari would be more suitable that TypeScript?
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    Anyone had any luck with using Typescript (compiles to JS) to develop plugins?

    Yeah that's a funny video and all but people looking to get work done don't write JS in plain text editors anymore. There are tools to prevent that stuff now. Download Visual Studio Code, turn on the type checker for JS, install the ESLint extension, customize to your liking or use the default...
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    Trying to change a value upon a certain character using an item?

    Looks like consumeItem is a function which is a truthy value in JS. When the if statement is executed variable 18 will always be set to the number 3. If you're not seeing 3 then the statement isn't being executed so there's one part you might have to troubleshoot. Is there more code to this?
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    Script call Help

    Yeah, exactly.
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    Script call Help

    The isClass method returns a Boolean value so it'll never be null unless it's been patched somehow to return null. I did a quick search though YEP_RowFormation.js but I didn't find a reference to isClass. Does the actual error message say null or does it say undefined and you're calling that a...
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    scenes not being defined in Rpg Maker MV

    Is that the only code? I ask because there's more to it than that and if you've got more it would help with the debugging/troubleshooting.
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    Equipment Weight Plugin

    Yeah, I think you're right. I'll cut it out. I am really surprised that you'd never come across console or the alert method. Those have been my go to for quick and dirty debugging for so long now that it's tough for me to imagine someone missing out on them. Especially alert since it's such a...
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    Equipment Weight Plugin

    I don't understand your first sentence. If you had watched one minute of video per day then then numbers say you would have finished it one time by now. If you had written notes on the parts you wanted to remember then you would have easy access to just those bits. My point is that note tags...
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    Equipment Weight Plugin

    Why would you need to have found console.log()? It was covered in the video I linked to back in December. That was like 1,663 hours ago. The video is 61 minutes long meaning it could have been seen a thousand times by now. If you weren't able to watch the video I would be happy to write up the...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I think an array of objects would work better.
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    The function body is empty meaning you're supposed to replace the function with one of your own design. If you're not doing anything fancy then one option is to replace the drawAllItems method.

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