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  • MZ? More like MV Ace?
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Maybe. That's not a bad thing, though. I mean, Ace improved upon VX in a lot of ways.
    If it's really called MV Ace.
    I think Ace in the title could cause confusion due to association with rgss3 scripts.

    MV uses javascript however MZ makes it clear that there's no backwards compatibility.
    'cept for tilesets/graphic format.

    I understand why MZ is MV Ace in terms of improvement.
    Yet we haven't seen the full extent of updated details.
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I really get the feeling I should be doing regular YouTube videos whenever I make something cool in my game, instead of waiting for massive changes. But not going to lie... I always feel like it's never quite enough to merit an update, until it's a drastic change. :kaoswt:
Going to submit to this game jam...struggling with the time crunch...
Have to keep compromising...
Just released a new OST for my game and a new place to purchase it!

Ah, things to do when you finish a game.

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