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  • MZ? More like MV Ace?
    The Stranger
    Maybe. That's not a bad thing, though. I mean, Ace improved upon VX in a lot of ways.
    If it's really called MV Ace.
    I think Ace in the title could cause confusion due to association with rgss3 scripts.

    MV uses javascript however MZ makes it clear that there's no backwards compatibility.
    'cept for tilesets/graphic format.

    I understand why MZ is MV Ace in terms of improvement.
    Yet we haven't seen the full extent of updated details.
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Played and finished Mad Father, one of the older RPGmaker horror games out there. That was one mad, MAD father
Hi, I am new here, exciting! Emmm where to change my head portrait?
I now have an idea of how to approach my IGMC entry for this year's theme, as well as a working title (TBA). Given the limited time I can spare, I'm going with a game design that doesn't require a battle system. Something that could be expanded if I want to make it a longer game, but can probably be played through within 2 hours (the goal for now), at least on a speed run.
In last 5 years, I have bought 4 MSI computer components and had issues with all 4 of them. With two of them these issues were so huge the board was quite unusable. I think it's safe to day it's my last MSI product purchase.

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