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  1. How to price a Tile set

    Thank you so much for your answer Sharm. The style would be somewhat cartoony. I have to say I have already created a set of tiles in the past that you can look at here:  That was for a "fun" project with a friend...
  2. How to price a Tile set

    Thank you so much for your advice!I will checked the classified section as you said.  I think negotiating the edits it would be a good first  What are auto tiles if I may ask?
  3. How to price a Tile set

    Hi I am a n Illustrator and recently I have been commissioned to create a tile set for an upcoming video game.The client asked for a flat rate. Since I am new to the subject matter I am not sure how to price my work to ensure "fairness". Any input about the matter would be extremely helpful...

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