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  1. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS! Ive been rather busy today so im sorry i couldnt express my gratitude earlier But youve really taken a whole lot of stress out of my game :D
  2. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    I have those exact lines In my script, At this point im pretty sure its te latter error, however I don't know if i messed up somewhere or there's some unknown error .   Here are screenshots of the script , event and character screens in case that helps  Characters...
  3. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Thanks For the advice! that fixed it but now ive run into this problem Ive saw that somone else posted this problem as well before but i am unsure of the specifics as to remedying the problem  
  4. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Hey I love your script But i cam across this error while using it and im not sure what the problem is D:

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