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    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 23 Poll (cmdr_buttonhead)

    Thanks for the feedback @hiddenone much appreciated. My sons prefer playing RPG maker, but definitely up for doing a bit more mapping and they were delighted to get good feedback :biggrin: How did you guess about the random bridge, ha ha. good pointer on thinking through the reasons for things...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    @EmmaB I'm not hiddenone (and not even close, as I think I finished dead last in the competition :-)) - but I loved this map, thought the way the river looked, in particular, stood out for me. Great work. @hiddenone - I'd love some feedback if you've got time. I'm aware my map is very poor...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    yeah, this is a superb idea as a learning experience. I knew my map would be very poor, but I learned loads just putting it together, and then because as part of the tournament you are more invested in voting and studying the maps, I've seen several things in other entries which I love and going...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    That's roughly the same kind of scale I used when voting. I didn't rate my own map, but if I did, it would've been a 2 :biggrin:
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    Newbie here, and really keen to pre-order. However, hesitating slightly due to the system requirements - I potentially would want to install on a laptop with 6GB RAM, and reqs state 8GB. anyone know if this going to be a hard limit (given it's surprising to jump up by double compared to MV)?

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