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  1. [Demo] Grand Theft Noot

    Thanks for that (really funny) review, it's weird no one has encountered that laggy A in combat, you maaay have done it wrong or the game was indeed lagging on your end, and also you are supposed to get a wasted screen after you are hit by a car, weird bug that I will look into, can you mention...
  2. [Demo] Grand Theft Noot

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy it, and if you don't I hope you can give me some nice feedback 
  3. [Demo] Grand Theft Noot

        Synopsis You play as Pingu, a clay penguin that has some weird abilities at his disposal. Right from the start of the game you can go wherever you please, at least that is the goal, making the player feel free and do what he wants to do first, while unlocking some features and...
  4. Galv's Jump Ability Script Edit

    THANK YOU! Edit:  I tried with 2 sounds and 6 sounds, both gave me this error, RIP Edit2: Alright fixed it, looks like you had a small typo, thank you!
  5. Galv's Jump Ability Script Edit

    Hey people, you see I am using Galv's Jump Ability script in my game ( and there's something that this script needs, a sound randomizer when it jumps, the sound can get reeeally repetitive if I am using a voice sound effect (an array of sounds...
  6. Event Changing Direction after reaching X/Y

    Thank you so much. This can be closed now.
  7. Event Changing Direction after reaching X/Y

    THANK YOU Rinobi! That was it, works like a charm!! I really appreciate and will for sure credit you when I finish this. Thanks to both of you. One last thing though, what do I type in to activate a switch when it reaches a certain X/Y too? when [14,1] ; $game_switches(40) ? Something like...
  8. Event Changing Direction after reaching X/Y

    Yeah I know how to do that, but I want it to repeat move right until it reaches and X/Y (for example) like you did before (think like a conditional branch within the move route with a Script)
  9. Event Changing Direction after reaching X/Y

    And how do I do that exactly?  Move forward if X =! 11 and Y =! 20? I mean how do I write that in the script? I'm not good at all at scripting
  10. Event Changing Direction after reaching X/Y

    Oh yeah that seems pretty good, but being a parallel process would probably make it laggy, wouldn't it? There will probably be around 3-4 vehicles roaming around which is why I went with the move route way, also if I make it parallel process I can't think of a way to make the event "kill" the...
  11. Event Changing Direction after reaching X/Y

    Let me explain first what I am trying to do; I am making a vehicle move in one direction across a road in a custom move route using a pixel-movement script, and change the direction of the vehicle when it reaches the point, I actually DID make it work using this script call in the move route: ...

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