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  1. Which Maker to buy?

    Is the MV version on steam?? - And another question I might add. - When i buy MV, will i have all the assets as shown in most youtube videos? Or is that something i would have to spend money on elsewherE?
  2. Which Maker to buy?

    Thank you for the fast reply! I will look into that!
  3. Which Maker to buy?

    Hi there! So i've been considering getting into game development, and the intuitive and "easy" way of doing it with RPG maker seems like a brilliant place to start. The thing is, im a student, with a hella of a thin wallet. Thus making my question rather simple. If I buy the RPG Maker VX Ace -...

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I forget what is bumping rule in this forum. Is anyone know? Thank you.
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I feel that I should cut down on my order queue so I can get some more time for my projects, its been quite a longggg while since I worked on them LOL
I friend of mine insisted on practicing dubbing things with him... and its quite funny, yet, it really takes a huge amount of practice!
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