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  1. RevCommSuite Multiplayer Demo

    A real help would be a tutorial on youtube or video! :aswt:
  2. RevCommSuite Multiplayer Demo

    Hey again! Thank you for the explanation. I'll try to implement, although it has gotten a bit confusing yet. Thank's
  3. RevCommSuite Multiplayer Demo

    Hey, Like I said, I dont have much knowledge. But I'm interested in helping with what little I know. But before I need to understand the logic of how to make it work in RPG Maker. What version of RPG Maker do you originally run? Is it by the browser or the one to make it work by the program...
  4. RevCommSuite Multiplayer Demo

    Thanks for the answer. The last time I started working multiplayer testing for RPG Maker I had success but not very enjoyable. Some errors made me give up. I recently found this publication and it interested me, even though I did not understand the logic of adaptation to the RPG Maker system...
  5. RevCommSuite Multiplayer Demo

    Please, I need to know how this project works.

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