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  1. Receive multiple of an item

    I need a script to make it so you can get multiple of an item at a time from a drop or a chest. Like 'Arrows x 5' and such. Can't seem to find this for MV.
  2. Changing critical rates between weapons it that simple? Ugh. I don't have internet at home so when I run across a problem I can't Google a solution. And when I'm at work I can get online, but I can't see if anything I look up works. Ah well. I'll make sure to look a lot more carefully when I get home. Thanks.
  3. Changing critical rates between weapons

    I remember having a lot of trouble with this before, and now it plagues me again. I want to make some weapons more or less critical then others. Like daggers be weaker then swords but have a higher crit chance, but axes are stronger then swords and have a lower crit rate. Help? I haven't...
  4. Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    Thanks cow, I appreciate it
  5. Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    Supercow those are fantastic! I think they'll do exactly what I need done. I can use them then?
  6. Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    Oh snap you're right. MV. My bad. Is the Always Sometimes resource pack free? Because right now my spending budget is full on nope..
  7. Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    I'm making a game set in modern day, nothing big just the story of a guy and his every day life, but a lot of the story takes place at the mall and in the arcade. Only, I have no machines for there to be in the arcade. And sadly I also have no skills of the artist. I would be ever greatfull if...
  8. Battle Party Problem

    Did you make your starting parting JUST the red guy? Is the battle on top an in game battle or just a test battle from the rpg maker program screen? If it's a test battle maybe you forgot to in add an deleted characters.. I had the same problem when I started on my first project. A team full of...
  9. Equipment durability

    Uzuki how do I download that as a JS? I think I'm missing something..
  10. Can you make the Battler heads slightly smaller?

    Hey, sorry, had a busy weekend! Ok, so you have to have first, I'm sure you can find it on google. The open up whatever sprite sheet you need to edit, go to "image", "resize" and change it to 480 heighth. I have pictures comparing the same character in his default size and the edited...
  11. How do you feel about LGBT characters in games?

    FF8 had a decent story, it just had the worst combat system of any FF game eeeever... until 13 came out. Squall/Rinoas relationship was tolerable (to me, at least) because it actually felt like an integral part of the story. In FF7,i liked the cloud/aerith bits, but hated how afterwards tofa...
  12. Can you make the Battler heads slightly smaller?

    Doable, but youll need a: a program to do it with, b: skills to do it and c: time. i use myself, its a free program and does ~most~ of what photoshop does. What i like to do is make my sprites slightly TALLER, walking sprites and SV ones. Once i have a full sheet of 8 walking...
  13. Mapping in the 'empty' style of old JRPGs

    Comparing anything to FFMQ? Are you serious?? Lol naw, I played that one back in the day too. Wasn't my favorite, but wasn't the worst game I could play. As far as maps being 'empty', meh.. just toss in a random tree of rock here and there. Me personally, I get a little flustered with maps...
  14. How do you feel about LGBT characters in games?

    True enough, but since gay gamers make up such a small percent of the gaming market, big name game companies aren't really trying too hard to appeal to them. Why make a game that will make a tiny percent of your market happy when those same resources could be spent making a game that will appeal...
  15. hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Screee! I was joking about making a "monster girl dating game" for a friend of mine (yes, for a friend) who is obsessed with that monmusu anime show! If someone could make a cute harpy girl, smile girl and i think spider girl? i cant even remember what all there is. but these are great! keep it up!

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