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    Setting up equipment checks for actors

    Thanks a ton. Just tried it and it worked out how I needed it
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    Setting up equipment checks for actors

    Thank you. I figured as much but luckily enough the game doesn't have a level system so that could help
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    Setting up equipment checks for actors

    I'm trying to set up specific skills that my actors can only use with a specific item equipped. To make an example, if the player has a ring equipped then the skill becomes available in battle, but when that ring is not equipped that skill doesn't appear. I figured that conditional branch...
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    RMMV Immortal Oath Demo

    I've launched the demo for the first RPG Maker game I ever developed on and Game Jolt Immortal Oath Demo Trailer I've worked on my first RPG Maker game on and off for a year, and recently brought it back, making enough progress to release it as a demo. It's a passion project of mine...
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    Wecoc's MZ Resources

    This looks really good man
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    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    I'm guessing we're allowed to use custom assets as long as they're free we have permission, and we credit the creator?
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    Let's Make a Scene Contest: ♡Heart Edition♡ Submission Thread!

    Credits: Plug-ins: - SumRndmDde - Yanfly Audio and Music - Default RTP - Dillon Becker [This work is licensed under CC by 4.0] Art - LadyLuck Persona 5 Style Balloons - MV and MZ assets
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    RMMV Remove Player Level?

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    RMMV Remove Player Level?

    Thank you. You really helped me a lot.
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    RMMV Remove Player Level?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked already but is there any way to remove or hide the player level in a game?
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    Battlers for face sprites

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    Battlers for face sprites

    Does anyone know a good way to enlarge character sprites to be used as face images? I'm planning on using individual sprites from the SV battlers as face images. I know how to place them, but I'm trying to enlarge them without them looking too blurry as they're a little too small for what I'm...

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