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    RMMV Yanfly Subclass change on weapon change

    Hi! My question is pretty simple. I'm looking for a way that I could set it so that the character's subclass automatically changes when they equip a new weapon type. If a sword is equipped, their subclass is locked to Sword Student. If they equip an axe, it's changed to Axe Student. And so on. I...
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    Theorycrafting a Weapon Mastery Skilltree System w/ Yanfly Skill Core

    Hi, everyone. I am making this thread mostly out of a desire to kick opinions around before I commit to entirely rewriting my database. I'm sort of a newbie to complicated event-based and variable based systems and I'd like to know if what I'm describing is feasible. Here is the idea. Player...
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    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    So there is unfortunately no method with this plugin to accomplish what I have in mind? And I imagine similarly about offsets?
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    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I'm a bit dense, can someone explain to me how RegionBlock works? But, like, very ELI5? I'm trying to create a fireplace and not have the lighting effect go through the walls of the house. EDIT: Also, how possible would it be to have an offset notetag parameter? I use doodads to put my...
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    Cliff Edges just... not working

    Alright, I feel like an idiot. Just turned off QMovement and everything worked fine, so I turned it back on and set "Mid Pass = true" instead of "false" and now it all works??? So, if anyone has the same issue as I do, try that first.
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    Cliff Edges just... not working

    Just tried turning them off individually and then both, nothing happened - I can still tapdance over the cliffs with glee. Similarly painting over with the star-transparency corner B tile did nothing.
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    Cliff Edges just... not working

    It is a star, yes. I have Yanfly Region Restrictions (which does not seem to work for restricting player movement at the moment for reasons I have yet to parse, but works fine for events) and Q Movement Regions, which is not being used on this map at the moment (I only use it on the world map...
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    Cliff Edges just... not working

    I am using an A2 tile for the inside of the pit - the snowed cobblestone in A2. I've tried combining the arrow B tiles in various ways to no effect, as well as deleting it all and re-putting the entire ensemble down, to similarly no effect.
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    Cliff Edges just... not working

    I'm already using most of the reserved regions for this for other things, and I'm not sure I can afford 20 euros for a commercial license.
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    Cliff Edges just... not working

    Howdy! I am about to rip all of the hair out of my scalp. I am trying to make an area of the map that is an indentation in the ground. Appropriately, you should be able to go *in* via the stairs but not *out* via just walking over the cliffs, because that doesn't make any god damn sense. I have...
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    Prevent "Cannot Move" Restriction from Literally Preventing Movement

    Hello again! Another checks watch half hour, another problem. For my faux-press turn system, i use a state with a "cannot move" effect in order to demarcate the end of the turn. However, this presents a problem in that it Literally Prevents Motion, making the sideview battlers stop moving and...
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    Eval based on element rate

    Oh that is much cleaner than my code, haha. Thank you! EDIT: It turns out there's a slight problem - if the attack misses, the state never gets added, and thus you can attack again. Any way to account for this, @Trihan ?
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    Eval based on element rate

    Solved it by ganking some code from elsewhere: <Custom Confirm Effect> if (this.isHpEffect() && value > 0) { var elements = this.getItemElements(); k = elements.length; for (var i = 0; i < k; ++i) { var elementId = elements[i]; if...
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    Eval based on element rate

    Hi, everyone. I think this one is pretty simple. I have a passive state on everyone that does a thing. If you hit a weakness or crit, it does another thing. Otherwise, it does not. I'd like if there were a way to have a "custom action end effect" (yanfly Buff/States Core) that checks if the...
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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Tried instead just having a resized 24x24 sprite sheet instead of using the sprite scaling to the same results, unfortunately. EDIT: I think what I'd need to do is have 36x24 sprites with 12 pixels of transparency to the left in order to offset it correctly, but making that is going to be a Pain.

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