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    Better Animal Face Sets?

    Do you happen to have a monkey animal face? ideally in all these colors and with sad happy laughing and confused expressions ideally: light brown, brick red, gray, white, dark brown, normal brown and beige?
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    I'm looking for monkey face sprites in RPGMAKER MV format.

    I'm looking for monkey face sprites in RPGMAKER MV format that can be used commercially (with credit) and several expressions. I also need recolors in Brick Red, White, Beige, Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Light brown and brown orangish. Tysm, ComfiCouch
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    Cannot read property 'isPlaytest' of Null.

    there is the screenshot. I do not have the error on a new project so here is the list of plugins I use: - Community Basic - MadewithMV - SRD_Fontoption - SRD_Walkcharbattlers - SRD_Gameupgrade - SRD_Creditsplugin - CGMZ_Core - CGMZ_ Gameover (it might be the two last ones it started around when...
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    Cannot read property 'isPlaytest' of Null.

    I have been having the error message Cannot read property 'isPlaytest' of Null every time the game is launched as playtest and on macOS. It used to run fine, but now it doesn't anymore. Can someone help me? Thanks, ComfiCouch

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