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    RMMV Battle Animation Sets By Coopziana

    @Yoshifull thanks for the advice on Mathemagicks, i've set my own up to reset if they use different skill so goes back to 2 damage. You could also just decrease the amount the power raises by each turn to make it take more turns to get a lot of power behind it. I guess it's just a case of...
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    Menu Characters [Script Request]

    Hi, What I want to do is have Animated Characters & Battler sprites displayed on my Menu Screen. With a bit of tinkering I've managed to make the Sprite sheet load and display. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to mask the Image and then have it "Ticking" for each frame of said...
  3. Coopziana

    RMMV Battle Animation Sets By Coopziana

    Hey Guys. Firstly, Thanks for all the likes you've been giving my posts. It means a lot to me that it's helping you guys out. Secondly, here's another pallet for you. This one is rather large! Reason for it being so big is that I decided that I'd make this animation in sections so that if you...
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    RMMV Battle Animation Sets By Coopziana

    Afternoon all, Today I have for you, the Mustard Bomb... kinda. It's an orb that grown and explodes. Nice! Don't worry about the Black Square, as long as you don't set the Blend to "Multiply" in the animation maker they will be invisible. I've used this animation for one of my "Limit Break"...
  5. Coopziana

    RMMV Battle Animation Sets By Coopziana

    Hi All. Got a new one for you. Inspired by FF7 Limit Skill for Red XIII called "Stardust Ray". The Animation set is very White so you may not be able to see it clearly until you have it in your animations. I'll try and do a YouTube example for you at some point to show you how I've put it...
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    Need help to position battle animation

    Did anyone ever find a solution to this, I'm having the same issue, have been fiddling around with the script and I just can't seem to make it work globally for all enemy sizes. I realise the issue is down to the Spritesheet having a lot of empty space vertically. But what I did find was that...
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    Enemy Positions

    Is there any way I can change the script to accept a "Math.random" instead of an integer for the note tag? It seems a bit of a big job to have to list 20-50 different coordinates just to get the enemies to appear in random locations. I'd like to basically have <Position...
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    I realise this has been asked before, but I've been scouring the internet for a solution and cannot for the life of me find one. So I'm hoping someone out there can help. Put simply: Enemy Attacks > Code snippet to change Home X/Y Positions > enemy moves to NEW home position and stays there...
  9. Coopziana

    MV - Yanfly Item Core & Augment Attachment display questions

    Not sure where the :1 thing is without loading up the script and I’m currently in bed lol. With regards to your overlapping text, I’d suggest using Yanflys core engine to change the screen resolution. That is a quick fix at least. There probably is a way to move the data to the other “window”...
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    Yanfly's Animated SV Battlers Home Position

    Well depending on the code I may be able to use math.random to achieve what I want. First and foremost I need the code so I can have something working that I can build upon and play around with.
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    Can't find a plug-in for what I need.

    While this is in the wrong forum. You might want to take a look at Bobs advanced restrictions plugin. You might be able to do what you need with that!
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    RPG Maker MV - v1.6.1 Beta

    Not sure if anyone has already reported this but just to make you aware that @SumRndmDde SuperToolEngine plugin causes a bug in 1.6.1 which prevents you from using the "X" in the top right of the window to shut down your game. it also crashes the Client if you select the "Shut Down" option from...
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    Yanfly's Animated SV Battlers Home Position

    Hi, Since digging around on google it seems a few people have asked this same question. But I'm yet to find a solution, which is a shame. I'm using Yanfly's Action Sequence so I figured I might be able to use an "Eval" to make this work. I found a guy here talking about it and he used: But...
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    Yanfly's Animated SV Battlers Home Position

    Hi, I'm looking into making my battles a little more tactical, as such I'd like to make enemies "Home Position" Change after each attack to a random location within the battle window. Reason for this is i'm also going to be using AOE spells, so having the enemy move after each attack will...
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    Can't save

    You can use the search function (CTRL + F) to maybe search for something you may suspect is causing the issue. However this error is normally local to a specific map. So it would only be the 1 map that causes the error. The only reason it would be across all maps is if you have a common event...

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