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  1. Help for combo moves

    So I'm trying to create combo move sets where if a skill is used a move by a different actor is used as well. Example being a move called "I am Strong" and another called "I am Fast" If I use "I am Strong" the other actor will use "I am Fast" or vice versa. I was looking at how MV creates...
  2. Switching Party member Attached to skill

    So I'm currently working on a plugin that attempts to use a skill to swap two specific characters back and forth. My intention is to have to characters with skills that when used will have one character attack, swap places, and then the second character attack. This will leave the second...
  3. VX Ace Portrait?

    @Andar: That is awesome to hear. I'd be willing to wait a while and I'd definitely buy it if it came out.
  4. Project RMW World

    This look so interesting. May I take D-9 or if that is taken. Any random  square.
  5. How to use Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine

    under the armors tab Name: Rune Sheath Armor Type: General Armor Price: 0 Equip Type: Body in the note box <equip type: 7> In the script I have 7 => [   "Sheath",       true,      true], In the actor I have <equip slots> Weapon Sheath Headgear Bodygear Accessory Necklace </equip...
  6. VX Ace Portrait?

    It's okay. Thank you anyway. And I have found some of what I needed. Just not all of what I needed.
  7. VX Ace Portrait?

    Thank you very much. That's sad though. I've been trying to find some portraits for some of the actor5 characters.
  8. VX Ace Portrait?

    Hello, I bought the humble bundle for rpg maker recently and when I looked around the forums, I found that when you bought vx ace you would get an email allowing you to get bonus material that had the full portraits of the rtp characters.  I was wondering if i was able to get these as well...
  9. How to use Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine

    Now it is sort of working. The Rune Sheath is now appearing in the item menu under sheath. however I am still unable to equip it to my character. and he does have the sheath slot appear in game.
  10. How to use Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine

    So I kind of feel like an idiot for asking, but how exactly do i use this script. I feel like the reason why it is not working is something on my end rather than something with the script. But what I am currently doing is this. I am attempting to make a secondary armor thing unique to each...
  11. Syncing two events on two different maps.

    Thank you Both so very much. @Shaz: I'll try it your way just to have a working method. @RyokuHasu: I'm still gonna try it my way as well to see If i can get it to work how I originally thought. I believe the problem is somewhere in either the common event or how I'm setting the variables.
  12. Syncing two events on two different maps.

    So I'm attempting to work out how to get two boulders to move in sync through two different maps. The maps are exactly the same. This is what I have so far. Two common events that set the boulder in the current screen to the position of the boulder in the previous map. one event on each...

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