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  • Uploaded a new Video today where I play Minecraft "The Bridge" please check it out & let me know what you think of it!
    Do you guys know of any Classic RPG-Maker-Horror games, or any good ones?
    I only know about The Witches House which I played several years ago, & I remember hearing about a game called Corpse Party.. But I don't know where to find it...
    This is for something I'm doing for October where I play several Horror games & 100% complete them, you can even show me your Horror games!
    Looking for opinions on my Tileset & Character Animation.
    What do you think? Any opinion is helpful!
    Finally was able to upload a new video!
    Dying Flame is a Indie Horror Game where you wake up inside a Home that seems strangely familiar. Try to find your missing wife while hiding from a monster.. Here "Light" truly is your enemy.
    I'm curious. But why do you use RPG Maker? There's plenty of other Game Engines out there but why choose RPG Maker?
    My reason would be because it's similar to other engines I used before (they now are either unsupported or non-existent) and knowing that RPG Maker is simple yet powerful it was the perfect fit for me, especially since it can run on my Intel Due Core 2...
    People who like the rtp are lucky =)
    I was a fan of several games made in RMXP, loved the RTP, but couldn't code. The only reason why I wanted to make games, was because of those RPG Maker games. I just can't imagine using anyother engine.
    I use RPG Maker because it's a very visual base engine and since I am more of a visual learner it caters to my learning style. Plus if you are well-versed with the engine and/or know javascript you could make things that can almost rival what other engines can make.
    Just finished working on my Dynamic Music System and Music Randomizer, I just feel so happy I finished it!
    Dynamic music system?
    how many sub-mixes per track, in average? event-driven or environment-driven?
    Each song has a average of 5 segments that are randomized with events (Each song has a Fade In & Fade Out file that is used to help make it sound smooth.), I had to edit the music with audacity to make them work for the System so that with events I can change the song or add something smoothly without it being noticeable.
    With how the system is built I can use event or region/Terrain Tag to trigger a song change.
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    Got fired from my job because they found someone more "Professional" and "Better" then me so I had more time to work on a tower defense prototype for a friend, I will upload tutorials on how to make it yourself once it's finished.
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7 years of trying to plan this project... and it got an official plotline today. 7 years. I really just have no concept of order huh GHJGSJHGVGHASFH.
Doing RPG Maker News for 24th October 2021

I'm not sure how to do this so I'll just ask here, Wheres a good place to post your game (for free) once its done?
I don't know what I'm doing :D
So got my hearing tested to see if it was the cause of my mishearing what people say. Test showed no problems but talked with the doctor about anxiety and ADHD causing hearing issues and she agreed and also added that some people hear things differently. With my anxiety cause I am in fight or flight I pay attention to all the sounds in the area so body knows when react. Can't pay attention to one source.

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