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    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    You just saved me a lot of trouble. My ignorance on the matter is apparent. Thank you for clarifying. I saw in a previous post that in order to best understand programming, you need to focus on logic structures, otherwise you run the risk of knowing tricks without understanding reason. I'm sure...
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    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    This was tremendously helpful, thank you for taking the time and helping me understand how to use states to imitate a script call. I am not too familiar with Java; yet I am trying to exercise the programming part of my brain. For now I will use the engine while I attempt to understand java...
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    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    Hello World, Forgive me if this question has already been answered, I am new to RPG Maker. I am trying to use Variables and Common Events to accomplish a monster evolution event using an item that calls on a common event. In the common event, I am trying to have logic get the SELECTED party...

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FINALLY got the mood system in the game during battle. Since the game is called Panic Attack, I figured you should have certain moods present including Panic. so the main 3 or Hype, Depressed, and Anxious. Panic is only when stunned.
Red's design is finally finished (his hair is blue on purpose, it's a joke!). Out of all of the compulsory party members, he spends the most time with you. Just like the character he's based on, he presents himself as a simple person who only wants to help others, but there's obviously more to him than meets the eye.
I drew the cover for my new book. I don 't like to entrust this work to someone else )

So if I wanted to share little video clips of my game on here... without using youtube... what would be the most ideal way to do that? FWIW, I use Mega a lot to upload videos and just share the links with my friends.

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