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    RMMV Pixel Mural RPG 2k2d

    Play, rate, & review here! --> Is that everything? I guess the mods will let me know if I missed anything Thanks, & cya later
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    Tutorials - How to do?

    I think in that case it probably means you don't need a lengthy tutorial at all, probably just some quick text boxes (1-2 lines max per box, I'd say) explaining how to navigate the menus & how the combat system works. If it's standard, then players will most likely have an idea of how it works...
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    Tutorials - How to do?

    I usually try to avoid info dumps as a tutorial method, and instead focus on giving the player a safe-ish situation where they can learn a new mechanic. I'll usually have an autorun event governing the tutorial area, so it's mostly scripted except for the player's actions.
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    Are there any "must-have" plugins for RPG Maker MV?

    1. Quxios's suite of plugins, particularly QPlus, QTouch, QInput, and QMovement. 2. SumRndmDde's suite of plugins, particularly SRD_GameUpgrade, SRD_WindowUpgrade, SRD_TitleCommandCustomizer, SRD_TitlePictureImages, SRD_PluginComVariables, SRD_SuperToolsEngine and SRD_HudMaker. 3. Yanfly's...
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    Quicker (auto)save times to prevent exploit

    It would work if the global variable was an array of all save files that had opened the chest, that way when a new save file opens it it just gets added to the array and that save file can no longer open it. Wham bam alacazam, problem solved.
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    How to remove 99 of a range of items?

    Yeah, it's super handy. Especially whenever I jump back into rmmv after a couple months & have forgotten the functions and methods lol
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    Troubles with Olivia OTB

    Not sure anyone's been trying...?
  8. Cormorant42

    Am I missing something or are custom tile colliders impossible?

    I think this is the way I want to go, as I've already set up the collision tile data in TileD & exported it as both a JSON and XML. Which one do I use & which folder does it go in? I haven't been able to find altimit's API for the plugin which is making this so much harder than it needs to be
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    How to remove 99 of a range of items?

    Thanks, didn't know that! (i had just checked archaeia's master script call list for how to remove items.) I'll update the code, i guess?
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    Am I missing something or are custom tile colliders impossible?

    Yeah, I found that out the hard way a while ago. Luckily I had a backup of the map & was able to restore it completely in about three keystrokes, I'm 100% backing up everything lol
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    How to make a wavy battle back Hylics, Earthbound style?

    Normally I'd say I have no idea. However I was looking at this plugin literally thirty seconds before I saw your post, and I think it's exactly what you need:
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    Troubles with Olivia OTB

    Honestly I haven't come across anything like that in JS, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say that it's a form of custom encryption / data theft prevention to keep people from stealing code and passing it off as their own. Your assumption is partially right, as some of the code in the first...
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    How to remove 99 of a range of items?

    Copy and paste this code into a "script" event: (function() { let itemMax = $gameVariables.value(REPLACE_Y); for (itemMin = $gameVariables.value(REPLACE_X); itemMin <= itemMax; itemMin++) { $gameParty.gainItem($dataItems[itemMin], -99); }; }) (); Change "REPLACE_Y" to the...
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    What's your take on free vs paid RM resources?

    I don't mind the existence of paid resources. If anything, allowing creators to charge for their work almost always results in higher quality, since at that point they're competing with other artists for your interest. That being said, I understand how having to pay for resources is not a viable...

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