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  1. Conditional Move Route?

    I got it to work, thanks to the guys in the Reddit community. Here's the condition that checks for orthagonal relations: $game_player.x - $[event_id].x == 0 || $game_player.y - $[event_id].y == 0 && ($game_player.x - $[event_id].x).abs +...
  2. Conditional Move Route?

    I tried your way, and on the event actions, did a conditional branch with the "script" option asking for ((($game_player.x - $[event_id].x)($game_player.y - $[event_id].y)) == 0) && abs(((($game_player.x - $[event_id].x) + ($game_player.y -...
  3. Conditional Move Route?

    Alright, so can you answer my other questions? Did you read anything past the first line of the post? Did you read where I know that I can't use the moveroute? Is there a quick way to check the math on all this with an event "conditional branch" object? I feel like there needs to be a way to...
  4. Conditional Move Route?

    I'm using the "Pearl" action battle system (with heavy modifications), and it uses event move-routes as part of its enemy behavior. In any case, the current enemy's Automatic "move route" looks sorta like this: Move Toward Player Move Toward Player script: use item 69 The "skip if cannot...

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