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    making sliding doors.

    Ill go look then. been working on my own casual little rpg maker game for days. ive been starting with working solely on the world of the game. the towns to town stuff. with the idea that dungeons, events and stuff can be made later on.
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    layered platform bridges.

    Im a guy who likes fun to walk around places in his rpgs. So as to not Feel like a leech here I go with whats probably a basic tutorial. but it might help someone anyways given how underloved 2k3 is. the point of this tutorial in short is to be able to make sets of bridges that you can go both...
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    making sliding doors.

    I'm wanting to make the statue in the terrain slide when you step somewhere. then when you step past it close back. I attempted to make the event start when you stepped the floor near it to put a switch on. then have a conditional branch if event on to do the event. however that diden't work for...
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    More Vehicles to Rm2k and Rm2k3

    oh this is neat, I did love when games like chrono trigger and terrnigma do things like this.
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    Sliding Puzzle in Rm2k/3

    ah sweet! I now wanna figure out how to justify pushing a rock off a cliff for my game. also, glad to see theres still rpg maker 2k3 tutorials out there! Took me forever to remember i Had an account here!
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    old question im sure but

    Well I went over the Basics, of both, So then plotted out a game idea for one , Working on it. left IG maker on the backburner. Sounds like Ace is where its At with the sheer power of the user engines. As of late Im just makeing the custom basic sprites along with bases for them in all standard...
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    old question im sure but

    It was somthing to the effect you could bring XP elements, like the scripts or somthing programm wise into the Ig maker. to enrich Ig And Id say I saw it on here. but ok so size doesnt matter as long as its some preportion? There an official FAQ on all things image importing specifications and...
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    old question im sure but

    so wait,4x4 as in they gotta be a square in numbers that fit into 4?  and the xp tiles arent 32 x 32?
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    Will a Platformer/turn based RPG work?

    And thanks to you I now have to go happily eat hours of my life at possibly the new best thing ever!
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    Will a Platformer/turn based RPG work?

    Well Im not saying, carbon copy it , but expand on it or try kingdom hearts style? or even megaman Legends Cause I like platforming action myself. But I unno. If it Has to be turned based. Id love to see more of A board game styled play system. where you plot out a party members movement and...
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    Dynamic Town Creation

    Hmm its neat, though dont have to make it a big epic title, Just a nice short game can work too
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    Is it possible to have old school styled game intros?

    Haha Im just burnt out Today, But yea XP and IG maker  is what I use , But If i could do a link to the past styled game on Ig maker Id gladly upgrade.
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    Is it possible to have old school styled game intros?

    Ok thanks ! I dident know there was a script archive. Im not used to navigating this. But I do suppose It could be both! XD If it wasnt possible it cant be gained
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    Is it possible to have old school styled game intros?

    As a diehard fan of old style gaming, Id love to know if one can get it to show a little intro animation before your games title screen pops up? Im just a sucker for these sorta things and would love to know if a coder would give this minor request *or so I hope it is , not a coding guy* Be...

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