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    DoubleX RMMV Action Cost

    Oh wow. No errors now, but something odd is now taking place. Sorry for bothering you. You've been very patient lol. Let's say the actor has one +100 action times in their traits. They have 2 native turns always. Good. (Making sure attack and defend have a cost of 1 like the help section says.)...
  2. coticka

    DoubleX RMMV Action Cost

    Wow, thanks for replying so quickly. I did place it below both but got this.
  3. coticka

    DoubleX RMMV Action Cost

    @DoubleX. Hey, it's me again. Sorry to bother you but after playing around with your action cost and action times plugins I gotta' say I really like them, a request though. Your action times plugin works fine and is compatible with everything, though your cost one isn't, namely with victor's ctb...
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    YEP passive states. MP kill problem?

    Ugh. Yep. It was Victor's ctb that was making this happen. When turned off it works as intended. That's annoying but I guess I'll look for another work around. Not sure what could be making it interact like that though. And unfortunately Leocode's auto states plugin just returns an error for...
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    YEP passive states. MP kill problem?

    I've set the actors to have state 1 (death) as a passive state. And in the state itself, I have- <Custom Passive Condition> if ( / user.mmp <= 0.0) { condition = true; } else { condition = false; } Which works as intended. The strange thing is that actors who are MP...
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    DoubleX RMMV Action Cost

    Ahhhh, I understand completely now. Thank you.
  7. coticka

    DoubleX RMMV Action Cost

    See that's what I also assumed. I guess what confuses me is if actors have 1 native action slot, how do you acquire more? Like a second or third? Is it that with this plug-in, the action times+, based on the percentage, will allow you to use a skill with a cost of three if you had been able to...
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    Force dmg motion when receiving mp damage?

    Perhaps there's a way to do this already? Though I haven't found it. But is there another plug-in out there that forces the SV charset to use the damaged motion frames when being inflicted with MP damage from an enemy?
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    DoubleX RMMV Action Cost

    I am also slightly confused by this. For testing (and without any other plug-ins/ctb/atb/no yanfly at all) I gave one character action times + 2%. Then gave a regular skill repeating only once the notetag of costing 2 actions. But it's always grayed out/unable to be selected in the battle skill...
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    Scottytv's Enemy Book help with editing window sizes?

    I tried messing with the .js file myself but I just got errors. Is there anyone that can point out to me how I can manually alter the window heights of enemy list and elements? And placement of the enemy graphic? Or just remove the 'status' window header so everything can fit? Here is the link...
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    ItemBook and EnemyBook v1.4a by ScottyTV - FIX by MrCopra

    Omg finally. I had been looking for this. Thank you. I could never figure out why the other version would always be blank.
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    Change Action Rating Variance

    This is very good.
  13. coticka

    Player Followers possible tweak?

    Similar to Victor Sant's 'Followers Options' script for vxace, is there any way to edit some of the native .js files to possibly add a slight lag or wait time? Or specify the follower's movement in relationship to the radius or number of tiles away from the player they are?
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    PH - Sprite Reflection

    @PrimeHover Cannot read property 'x' of undefined. Happens on basic startup.
  15. coticka

    OcRam - Star Tile Fix plugin [v1.00 updated 2019/09/30]

    @OcRam 'this_character.anchorX' is not a function. I have it at the bottom of my plugins. Not sure why it's not working properly. Really great work though.

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