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  • I feel like for every additional person that enters my life everything becomes ten times as exhausting.

    How did I ever survive school with like 30 persons im one room?! I would instantly quit, if I had to do this today -_-
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    Yeah, I also skipped a lot of classes ... and still ended up smarter than most of those who were regularly attending to boast and bully people.
    Eventually i Just ditched school (after switching studies a zillion Times) and got a job, then i ended up ditching the job cause of reasons and ended up on disabbility... Still Smarter then most of the idiots from back then tho :p
    We have similar stories it would seem, only difference is that y'all are smart xD least i'll always have ''humble'' I suppose :p
    It's a common thing to forget eating &drinking while you are working concentrated, right?
    If I had discovered RPG-Maker before moving together with my girlfriend, I'd have died of dehydration a long time ago.
    I am often just about to give in and ask for help in the forums, when I eventually figure things out myself. Spent almost the whole day with a minor issue, but in the end it's so satisfying that I didn't need to open a thread :D
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    I wrote out an entire post on StackOverflow yesterday to ask for help with an issue on my Python-based Discord bot, but as I reviewed the thread I had an idea and it turned out to be the key to fixing it. XD
    Yesterday I discovered that I can copy/paste multiple commands by holding shift. I tried this when I started developing holding ctrl and when it didn't work I just copied every single command one by one. For two years.

    I am in heaven now.
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    Know the feel, I wasnt even aware or didnt think about the fact that programs like Photoshop and Aseprite had keybindings/shortcuts :p Saves a lot of time in the long run.
    Yeah, I feel like I could publish the game like a year prior to the envisaged date, now that I know that xD
    Altar (2).png

    Started creating battlebacks, to take a break from inventing monster lore and make something visual again :)
    Today i'll start creating monster sounds for my enemies :D I was looking forward to that
    After gathering, sorting out & reconsidering hundreds of enemy battlers over the last two das, finally my favorite part begins: Inventing names and lore for them all :D
    Two years into developing my game and I just scrolled through the BaseResource Pack that comes with MV for the first time xD I never knew how much awesome stuff was in there. Also so many names I know from the forum, like Shaz & Archeia ... and that's not the only resource pack I found in the depth of my hard drive :0 Right now I'm both confused and hyped about all the stuff I own.
    After finally getting my hands on a tileset with mountain tiles that fit my taste, here's what I spent my day with!
    I just realized that, while I was waiting for our little Easter Game to be approved in the Completed Games Thread, the game was already listed for more than a week, without me noticing x.x

    So ... very delayed happy easter to everyone I guess? : D
    Early try to draw our Demon Countess, who destroyed her own soul leaving just an empty shell of a body - until our heroine unwillingly takes possession of it, every time she falls asleep.
    (I know it’s a premade face from the Dark Fantasy Set, but I spent so much time with her, that I can’t bring myself to change the sprite anymore xD)

    First concept art of one of our main characters love interests who might turn evil depending on her decisions. Or become king of the world. Or marry her. Maybe even everything at once.
    Ah yes, i can see that to now you mention it. Tho you need to use more gold to get that feeling across more defined xD
    Yeah, I tried that for some of the other characters some time ago, but in the end I don't want to copy him and his ideas exactly. Since I want to publish this game it feels kinda wrong^^ Maybe I will show one of those pictures tomorrow (don't want to spam the Profile News Feed)
    Its good to have your own style and its never good to copy others. Being inspired by them tho is all for the better and look here you now have a style between Klaer and Amano all of your own... Not to shabby I say xD
    After lots of preparations I am finally ready to get the real project on : D
    Just in time for the new semester so i have something to do during digital university classes ...

    Also I finished my first game that will be open to the public. Just a small 30 minute story for the german easter jam, but still ... things getting kinda exciting : )
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I have made 60 new skills! ''after test'' I have made 3 new skills!

Made a new battleback this week! How's it look?
"This is the real secret to life - To be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play."
Me: "I don't to use other engines because I'd have to do a lot of coding."

Also my desktop right now....

...I literally spend more time using VS Code than MZ. :kaoswt:
actually, are there any JRPG type games (I guess turn based, so not ARPGs like say, Vagrant Story) where you have only one party member for the majority of the game? (I wonder if I'm forgetting something obvious.)

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