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  • Hey, thanks for all your replies on my how early should your first battle be thread. I know you're not a troll and you're just voicing your opinion. I think you had some great insights there, as well as others and it sparked some really good thought about game making. This forum has a nasty habit of being very egotistical, so don't let it get to you.
    Actually, titles are fairly meaningless. They're an attempt to provide understanding to as many people as possible. Many of us on these forums don't see ourselves as "RPG Devs", we have no need to dilute our distinctions into that small of a piece. Most of us see ourselves as "amateur game devs" or "published game devs".
    RPG Maker, however, is an engine that has been primarily designed to create... well... Basic RPG's in the vein of "oldschool" ones from the SNES era on backwards. As such, you'll find most of us are working within that limitation due to enjoying the engine. Just like you'd find most people who use Unity create FPS games with it.
    Guys. Chill. Relax. It's okay. We all have our own opinions. Do what you think is best for your game.
    You did so many cool things for resource requests, is there any chance you will ever set up a resource thread for your goodies?
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    I'd have to sort and organize a lot of stuff.
    I know, I know several pieces of your work, also some of the XP stuff on hbgames^^ It's just a pity that people can barely find it or don't know if it's public usable (because being made for a request). Just wanted to let you know that there is interest and I am sure people would love it ;3
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I added reflections and shadows. Though one of the party seems to have no reflection, is floating, with glowing eyes. I'm sure it's fine.
Well. *That* was an entertaining fustercluck — and that’s not meant nearly as sarcastically as it sounds. I just had to make four different versions of the same conversation:
1: Attained MacGuffin.
2: Have not attained MacGuffin, but know its location.
3: Do not know MacGuffin’s location, but have a good idea where to find it.
4: Do not know where to look for MacGuffin.
Yep, feels good to be back. ^.^
I'm soooooooooo tired TT___TT why can't there be a plugin to let me sleep + work simultaneously ... !!
Mixing different pixi filters over a picture. :MV3:


I don't know if my game dev skills are improving... But my waifu making ones sure are. :LZSwink:

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