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    Event to give skill points to players?

    In the event command window you'll see on the first tab, under the "Actor" heading [Change Parameter...] There you'll be able to change actor's stats. Increase, decrease. Since you're new I'll try to walk you through some event system tips and variable controls. Say you have an NPC who asks...
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    Weapon Sprite Position

    Sure. It's in rmmz_sprites.js Sprite_Weapon.prototype.initMembers = function() { this._weaponImageId = 0; this._animationCount = 0; this._pattern = 0; this.anchor.x = 0.5; this.anchor.y = 1; this.x = -16; this.y = -24; // added here; some number }; I can't tell you...
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    Why doesnt my character have a neck

    Kind of looks like the back of the hair is in front of the torso.
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    Need help with a couple of things. Gaps in windows and Back Button Position.

    #1 you can change in rmmz_windows.js under Window_PartyCommand.prototype.setup, you'd just add this.height = some number. Window_PartyCommand.prototype.setup = function() { this.refresh(); this.forceSelect(0); this.activate(); this.height = 115; // added here; }...
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    How can i balance my game

    This is just a theory of mine. But I generally see a character level as a distribution of 12pts across their 6 parameters. That's based off Rpg Maker's moderate growth curves. So with monsters, as a rough guestimate, you can add up their stat points: atk, def, ect... and then divide by 12. So...
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    How to have display text show multiple times in 1 map

    You can change the map name and reopen the display with these script calls. $dataMap.displayName = "New Name" I think what you'll want to do, if you haven't already, is open the "R" tab in the map editor and fill in the regions with a specific Region...
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    RMMZ How do I access the function that draws the parameters in the Status and Equip menus?

    Open rmmz_windows.js You'll probably want to look for the functions Window_EquipStatus.prototype.drawItem Window_StatusParams.prototype.drawItem Window_ShopStatus.prototype.drawActorParamChange there might be others. Instead of deleting lines, the best practice is to comment-out the lines by...
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    Questions about the terms of use in one of the DLC packs.

    Last I check, the forums were part of a platform meant to market the publisher's client's products and brand. I really don't think an Avatar is "redistribution", it should be considered promotional. Not just you (a game developer), but also your players, should absolutely be allowed to post...
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    RMMV Weeping Angel type enemy (Resolved)

    I was imagining the weeping angel event as having 2 states, therefore 2 pages. Probably 2 graphics. 2 different event triggers. One where they're moving towards the player while the player's back is turned Another when they are frozen while the player is facing their general direction...
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    Your thoughts on people having moral, ethic, or content (et al.) limits/requirements in their terms of use?

    Maybe it's not awesome, but scarce. This might be an over simplification of the French Revolution, but my understanding is that the problem was a neglectful ruling class mismanaging the means of production. Like, bakers didn't have access to flour. A more modern example would be today's farm...
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    RMMV Weeping Angel type enemy (Resolved)

    Let's think. The Player can only face 4 directions which ⬆⬇⬅➡ which correspond to 8,2,4,6 on the number pad. So, something like switch ($gamePlayer.direction()) { case 8: //when player is facing up //change event page if Player is below Event if ($gamePlayer.y >...
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    Your thoughts on people having moral, ethic, or content (et al.) limits/requirements in their terms of use?

    A morality clause makes sense for movie and sports contracts because they're big productions that involve a lot of people. They can't have the movie stars or players getting caught up in scandals. They have to conduct themselves properly for everyone's sake or they're not allowed on the boat, so...
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    What're peoples' thoughts on the MV RTP?

    Usefulness is an aesthetic of beauty. Practical application aside, that just leaves size, color, and proportion. It's hard to form an objective opinion. Let's see. There's the inconsistent 3/4 view projection of the tileset. For example, if you have a circular fountain, the top plane will be...
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    At the risk of being left out. I'll take this moment to alleviate any uncertainties. I hold...

    At the risk of being left out. I'll take this moment to alleviate any uncertainties. I hold nothing against any of you. I was very satisfied with the course of the thread.
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    A rule against continously questioning people's game design decisions/philosophies in development support forums after they have already explained it.

    @mlogan You don't have to explain yourself. I was just expressing my familiarity with your posting habits, as a jumping off point to explain myself. As Iron_Brew is very interested in me and has a lot of questions. Coincidently, staying on topic, do you want to reevaluation your position about...

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