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    RTP A5 tileset not transparent

    It should work fine on layer 2. Perhaps you have it on both layer 1 and 2. Switch back to layer 1 to place grass under it.
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    RTP A5 tileset not transparent

    It is transparent. You have to change to a different layer.
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    [MZ] Fix to Light All 3 Animation It's weird. The hex circle nodes are there. But for whatever reason they had visibility unchecked and "Delete when no more child" checked. Which is different from how all the other files are set. Changing those 2 setting for the 3 hex circles...
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    [Bug/Feedback] Take a good look at the RTP one more time...

    I got a sinking feeling that the tilesets won't be getting corrected anytime soon. If they do anything, it won't to be as the small updates that they have been doing. Because even just rearranging the tiles means they got to correct the text help file (which needs correcting anyways) and all the...
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    Request: Dungeon Ladders and Dirt Ramp (MZ)

    I separated the rope ladder from Dungeon B to make a characterset. It looks good set in the "hole" autotiles.
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    [Bug] [FIX INSIDE] Text and actor faces extremely blurry sometimes due to non-integer coordinates

    I wonder if this is related to another graphic issue. Depending on the height of window, the Status Icons sometime render with the row of pixels of the icon below it on the icon sheet. 32x33 instead of 32x32. The facesets and guages are slightly blurry. It did this whenever the height value was...
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    [Feedback] MZ's tilesets

    I had started rearranging the tiles myself, but I wonder myself what is "inside" "outside" and "dungeon" I think there might have been a rhyme or reason to the brick sizes, but I'm basing that on the "Demonic" Purple brick. They're Big on the walls "outside A3" but medium sized on the...
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    [Feedback] MZ's tilesets

    Continuing the topic of tilesets. There are many may things wrong with them. This pond auto tile doesn't tile very well. They've already fixed an unfinished Desert Building, so I expect they'll fix this too. The tile sheet arrangement is nonsense. Ace and MV had issues with it too, but MZ...
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    Status Icon Graphics Error.

    So this is a weird one. Status Icons, in game, seem to include the top edge of the the icon below it on the icon sheet. Of course at first I though the icons are misaligned. But they're not. So then I examined the js files to see if the math was wrong somewhere. But it's all correct. To make...
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    Make the RTP caves and carpets match things and fit stuff on tables!!!

    Cool, I had considered doing this myself but I wanted to wait to see if they address any of the tileset issues in an update. I think that pink carpet corresponds to the "inner body" tiles, based on the ledge wall pattern of the inside set. Then again, everything is pretty mixed up. There's also...
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    RMMZ RPG Maker MZ is now AVAILABLE!

    Are we sure these graphics are final? I was holding my breath through the previews because the disclaimer said "still in development", and I convinced myself that the sample games were using beta graphics that had their quality intentionally reduced. It looks like the images were compressed...
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    Sea creature/animals character set

    XP huh? I got some old stuff I can dig up. It's side-view instead of 3/4 view. Rookie mistake, lol. But actually, I think people who try doing underwater scenes tend to use parallax backgrounds anyways. I swear I had some fish shadow silhouettes. I remember making for a fishing mini game but I...
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    MZ Preview #7: MZ Sample Games, Upcoming MZ First Look Stream!

    @Sharm The point is that it's unorganized. Why put flesh tiles between lava tiles? Why not keep all lava tiles together? I realize the animated tiles and wall tiles need to be on different sheets. But maybe they should rethink the tile window instead of mindlessly carrying over the flaws from...
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    MZ Preview #7: MZ Sample Games, Upcoming MZ First Look Stream!

    If we could stop doing this tile arrangement. That would be great.
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    What are some general pet peeves you have for Rpg Maker Games you've played?

    Flat maps. I see it more in games with custom tilesets. There's no elevation. And so much empty space for the player to walk through, but nothing interest to look at. Even using rtp tiles, I want to see more to forests than just a maze of trees on a plane.

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