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  • Hey, are you the same cozziekuns who made the Earthbound-ish battle system? If so, I could use your help with some script errors I'm getting. Thanks
    I always thought the "Don't Run" for Battle Events meant that if you don't try to escape the event will run.
    "If all of the contents were to perfectly mesh with each other, it would be crystal clear; but on the other hand, it would also seem very artificial. Therefore, as if we were intentionally to shift gears, well, it would be better if the story has some waste... something like that."
    The amount of freely available money owned by young professionals who have nothing better to do with their money than invest it in poorly made kickstarters is amazing.
    Your right we should take away everyone's freedom of choice.
    Has making RM games given you a disdain for other games made with the same engine? I feel like that to RM Devs, a game is only impressive if it is mostly original graphics and scripts, even if those graphics are of a lower quality than the RTP ones...
    I actually used to be more disdainful of RM games before I became a part of the community. Now I understand how often it's done by a one person army and I'm a lot more impressed.
    Faye Valentine
    Faye Valentine
    I'm a little bit tired of the "if it is not original resources then it is inferior" mostly because everyone on the hispanic community is like that and that rages me. Have you even played Manifest?... that game uses ALL RTP (the protagonist is Ralph even lol) but the game is truly worth... i don't care if a game has 3D super modern high-quality OP graphics if the story is sheep. It is time to value more the story than the graphics.
    Faye Valentine
    Faye Valentine
    Obviously, the graphics part CARES, but with a good mapping i won't mind a game having all RTP resources. That is just my opinion though, and i respect yours, just that i'm a bit tired of hearing that once and once again :p
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It turns out that if I set the collider to 0,0,0,0 before despawning an event.... QMovement will actually play nice with Galv Event Spawner! :LZSexcite:
So I cloned an event in MV today.
Just got two custom tracks for my game. Things are shaping up nicely. :)
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