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  • Made a coffee turned laptop on opened sublime. Previous plugins load.

    Alt f4 close lid and back to bed I went
    So I finish adding a widescreen option for my resolutions in my graphics tab and a master volume for sound tab in my options only took like 20 coffees and all day.

    So wish a had something for this headache I don't do headaches
    So I lost 2 days worth of coding today and may of broke my brain a little in process cause my head went. Like just rip my hair out, flip the table and just start rampaging (psychotic style).

    But that's not me so I sat in horror broke down a little inside and end up going to bed and waking at 3am feeling a little lost  :unsure:
    That time you get stumped at javascript and it so called easy bit of your plugin you thought 
    So spent all day trying to get the text of my season name on MapIntro to change color depending on the season.

    Only to realize I was only missing a variable all all along  :headshake:
    If paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes can you fit in a dog house?...

    None ice cream doesn't contain bones!!
    I think you've drunk enough for New Years.
    Yea maybe. Happy new year though man 
    Okay so last 3 days I've woke up sat starred at my screen till 4am in morning every night and done nothing not even the slightest of progression  :headshake:
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    Pierman Walter
    Pierman Walter
    If it makes you feel any better, I spent the last week drawing a group shot of thirty or so characters and it's still in stick figure phase.
    Yea it did like sorry  ;)

    But then again it's now 5:23 am and I'm still no where. Well I did get my copy of mog map intro to show the season with font in different color depending on season  
    Is it just me or do you only think of the solution when your away from the keyboard
    No, no.  I always think of the solution 10 seconds after I post asking for help.
    Why can't I get a map to overlay a other map so say I could use mogs timesystem to make seasons to use a different map per season to over layer parent map 3 days of stumped 0 days of progress. The joy of projects XD
    Isn't there a mog weather plugin which goes with mog timesystem. ?
    Yea I'm using the mog timesystem but the weather system does do quite what I want I need this but for mv;

    So I could make mogs timesystem call a different map to overlay other map at different season and a night one to then over that. It would make it easier to also have different events on seasons to say something daft like a npc say it cold if winter ect
    This really should be in a topic of it's own.
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Marketing seems to be about reducing dependence on luck to sell a product, as well as expanding the number of avenues in which luck can play a role in selling a product.
So, I've been wanting to do this randomized logic puzzle in my game for years now. I finally figured out how to do it by using arrays and a few small script calls. It's based on the Einstein Fish Puzzle! :D Though, I have no idea how to actually have the player put in answers.... might start a thread about it.

The projectiles shown in this video are as follows:
1, Basic Triple
2, 30-Degree Arc
3, Randomized Blast Wave
4, 8-way
5, 8-way Double
6, 8-way Slowness
7, 120-Degree Arc Repetitive
8, Projective Triple
9, Split 8-way
10, 2-way Split Randomized Arc
11, HP-MP Split Arc
12, Split Laser
13, Shock
14, Cosine
Drop shadows and water reflections tests in RPG Maker VX Ace

I'm doing a fairy tale project Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman. I'm almost done with the demo in my native language and I intend to make a demo version in English as well. I'm just going to use the translator because I don't know the pronunciations very well, I only know how to say "Hey" and nothing else.. :kaoswt2:

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