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    Opinion: Second or Third Person Dialogue

    This is pretty normal in games with a nameable, silent protagonist which is supposed to represent the player themselves instead of an actual video game character. Eg. Undertale and Persona games both used second-person dialogue and narrative for this exact reason. (You gained 1 EXP!)
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    To use tropes or not to use tropes in your game...

    Short Answer: Yes. The gaming industry has always been following what works with a little spice thrown in here and there to differentiate it from the others, instead of trying to be special which more often than not is going to fail miserably. We all know how Death Stranding turned out when you...
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    E.g. When you watched too much Isekais and started to trash them because they are (mostly) the...

    E.g. When you watched too much Isekais and started to trash them because they are (mostly) the same generic sh1t that aren't actually bad on their own.
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    I like how modern gamers always referring hard games as "The Dark Souls of *Insert Genre*"...

    I like how modern gamers always referring hard games as "The Dark Souls of *Insert Genre*" without ever experiencing a Souls-like game.
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    Girls with swords are cool on their own. Then I give them guns. *Profit*

    Girls with swords are cool on their own. Then I give them guns. *Profit*
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    What features would you like to see more in RPG Maker games

    Most of your suggestions are valid and are helpful features to have in a game so I won't go in-depth on them. However I'll put my 2 cents on this one part: While there is nothing wrong by categorizing things via visual cohesion, keep in mind that an element of mystery is often required to...
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    To Durability Or Not To Durability

    For durability to be relevant, it had to be pretty significant for a good portion of the game - typically survival settings where you are not supposed to be able to repair them whenever you like. In a normal RPG, durability for most offensive weapons are something I consider completely...
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    Random Encounters vs. Visual Encounters

    This is the kind of system where there can and will be people trashing you regardless of the encounter type you use. Some games work better with random, others visual - and some mix them together when appropriate, so the typical solution would be stick to the type where you think suits your game...
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    How do you spice up your dungeons?

    You don't really need to do much to spice up a dungeon, sometimes great scenery (aka. nice looking maps) alone are enough to keep a player interested from simply navigating. Other than that, anything that the player did not saw coming is a good spice, namely - gimmicks, traps, puzzles, unique...
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    How do you feel about enemy palette swaps?

    If a palette swap is used to distinguish elemental differences (for slimes/dragons/spirits etc.), or certain kinds of strong enemies(early bosses reappearing later with modified stats and a different color scheme), I don't really mind as they are technically different enemies. I do however...
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    Heavily Story-driven game

    The game you described basically screams Corpse Party, (heh) which is a perfect example you don't need 3D or AAA commercial-quality graphics for a good story-driven game. So yes it works as long as you find the correct balance between story and gameplay, and the rest is all about how to...
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    Maze-Like Dungeons? Is it outdated? How to modernize?

    Mazes are not really everyone's cup of tea - they are confusing to navigate (sometimes even on NG+), can easily be a source of frustration, and are notoriously difficult to make in the first place. I would say a lore for WHY there needs to be a maze should be included, so you are not making a...
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    Innovative and Interesting States

    While I have a lot more situational states, here's some that have a significant impact: Death's Call : Prevents resurrections. Once afflicted and KO-ed they remain dead for the rest of the battle and cannot be removed once the character in question is KO-ed. Spell Trap: Does nothing but...
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    Stunning Characters and Enemies in Battle...

    You are partially right about being a drawback to spamming heal moves. Mine operates on single actor vs. many enemies concept, which is akin to playing as a boss that's overwhelmed by numbers, but instead of having boss-class HP the player could fully heal themselves easily because they don't...
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    Stunning Characters and Enemies in Battle...

    I like the stun-break mechanic, although it can get repetitive when every single fight utilizes the "stun enemy, then kill them before they recover" routine, and it is kind of difficult to replicate in a turn-based system. I do the reverse of FFXIII - you can't knockdown enemies but they CAN...

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