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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Putting together a new battle system for my game and thought I'd share it here, even though it's still in the early stages. I hope you guys like it ^^/
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I also managed to finish a battle background today too, so now I can show this off. It's starting to look like an actual game now
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    It's been a long time since I posted anything here, but here's a few screenshots from what I've been slaving away at.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I haven't posted here in a while, so here's the prologue area of my game. The guard at the bottom needs his shadow resized, but yeah.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I haven't posted here in a while, but here's what I've been working on. I'm in the process of swapping over to Dragonbones, so the actor's sprite-sheet is completely defunct and needs to be remade in DB. The guards are also missing an attack animation and all the sounds/music are still stock...
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    Negative stigma around RTP

    If you're trying to make a commercial game the RTP graphics are only serving as an upward battle you could honestly avoid by investing time or resources into custom assets. RPG Maker shares a similar reputation to Unity and its Asset Store. You can use the RTP for sure, but it's immediately...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I haven't posted here in forever but I was busy selling my soul to recreate all my graphics from the ground up. My character sprite still needs to be redrawn, so that's why he's all blurry atm. Also I decided to make a finalized battle UI using Moghunter's plugins. On a character's turn a...
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    What makes a game cringy?

    "Weak guy meets dragon-slaying woman" There's nothing wrong with strong girls wanting to protect weak guys yo. That's a cute if not fresh dynamic.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Good thing it's not your prototypical demon king then. Lady's gotta have her generals around, after all.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I still need to work in shadows later, but I finished making the assets for this area for the most part. Based the wall tileset off of how FF6's looked with the various brick depths you could find in Figaro Castle and other areas.
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    Thanks dude! I didn't realize you were on this site too! I plan on making a project thread about it here in the near future.
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    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    Oh man, this was exactly what I was looking for! You're the best Skotty! o/
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Thought I'd share a few more pictures of the town I'm working on. o/ Please ignore that the character in the screenshots is kinda blurry. I still need to go and redraw his sprites after I scaled his original sprite down. He's supposed to be a small bunny and stuff.
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    Creating a Trading Card mechanic?

    Yeah, I'm actually adopting Ragnarok Online's card upgrade system for my game. It's a really fun concept to give the cards some type of usable function outside of being a collectible. The best part with them being miniature pieces of art is you can also create a card album or something that you...
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    When you make the plot of your game, do you go for a Dark or Light mood?

    To be honest I personally don't think about whether a story is light or dark when I'm writing it. What's most important is ensuring that a story gives its serious moments the gravity it deserves without going overboard. A lot of developers will try to make some type of dark and brooding game...

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