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  • i recently finished a character sprite for my game. i'm so happy with how the whole thing looks, both the game and the character. i suppose an aspect of beauty is the key to my games.
    i really like proxy art. but it makes a lot of problems because it's a crutch for my laziness.
    oh yeah, the reason that project died it that i was just about to save and make a backup when my computer crashed during saving and corrupted all of my data. so yeah.
    so my latest game that i was working on just died. so it's a home project that anybody can play. i was using proxy art and scripts to get an image of what i wanted but since i cant change that now, you'll just have to deal with it.
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I have an idea, I am making low polygon 3D resources for a package in itch. but it occurred to me that I could export these as images and make MV / MZ compatible tilesets. What do you think of this?
I hate seeing threads where less-experienced user's ask for an opinion of their project, and the thread is full of negative feedback by others who are clearly not the target audience. I feel bad for the OP, and I hope they understand that no game can appeal to everyone. :frown:
Hm, just found out I can't use loops, yay.
I just wanna Covid to be over and I have my normal life back... Feeling so bad these days, what can I do?

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