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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Small edit I did for a quick challenge over at the german MV forum; God-guy now finally has legs.
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Quoting you but wanting to get this out in general: The resoucres are back! I finally found a reliable way to store/share them again (except for audio, but that will surely follow)! Everything previously available should be back~
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @esby It's cute! I love the DS resources >W< I've been doing some mapping (both in RPG Maker and in my grafic program) again lately when I'm bored after work. I made this one for a challange at one of the german forums I'm in, which just asked for a snowy map but hey, that would be boring! We...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Woah! That looks really cool cekobico! As for the blank space... I dunno, maybe the faces of the player's teammates to quickly switch between characters? Just throwing in ideas :'D As for me... I recently felt the urge to try mapping again. Was jsut difficult with all the stress recently...
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    It's difficult lately to work on anything creative. I'd love to finally make more and new...

    It's difficult lately to work on anything creative. I'd love to finally make more and new resources again, but through all the stress my inspiration and motivation suffers a great deal...
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    Looking for furniture and object tiles/charasets

    As a matter of fact, I worked on a big part of those resources, Crazy_Leen over there being me as well, and I have even more of my retro stuff here on maker web : 3 Just follow my link and go to the retro-resources spoiler : D...
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    ahhhh thank you so much, dear /)///w///(\ Thank you very much <3 Well, you could do what Sharm said, of simply resizing the existing resources with the right options. I currently didn't plan to re-do the resources for another maker, since they are not even really done yet for the VX. Maybe...
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Aw, thanks you guys! Things are stressful lately, as I've surely mentioned already, so I#m just doing stuff on the side that I make while playing around with the MV. Once things calmed down again I hoefully can work on some of my other things again, like my retro stuff or the custom MV icons...
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources really weird. I did them, yes, and they even are int he dropbox, but youa re right they were not in the startpost, which is weird. I re-added them now though. Thanks for mentioning it!
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    So as I said I was working a bit on templates. So far it's not much because somehow.... I can't really think of a lot that might be needed after all D: But if you guys have any ideas/wishes of what templates you might like, feel free to tell me! I really wanna make some more. I might tackle...
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Sorry everyone, it's been  a bit rough lately, so my replies are very late OTL Replies: Now.... I'm sure this was done like hundreds of times already... but because I got annoyed witht he doors, I made the doors of the RTP taler and added just a little alternative door, too.I'm also working...
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    [Temporarily Closed] Crazy_Leen's Pose & Animation Workshop

    Ph boy, oh boy, I'm really sorry everyone! Until now I was under the impression there were no new requests; for some reason I wasn't being alerted when you guys posted, so I'm really sorry that I couldn't answer all of you earlier! Sadly though, I will have to decline all requests. If I ahd...
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    You're welcome qwq Oh my god that's so cool : D Would you mind linking the prototype, if it was uploaded somewhere? I'd be very itnerested in that : D Also I added bows to the iconset! It took a while since irl and some other work kept me a bit busy but it'll get there qwq All MV things are...
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    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Yehhh, so I was doing some things, trying out MV. Like always I'm going to share some of the stuff I made while doing so. I'm also working on icons for the MV and it's coming along quite well. Therewould be more if this week wouldn't be so busy with work, but I'll try to get more done fast.
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    @himnd: Well one thing at a time. First the icons, then I can edit the weapons into usable ones ;3 The sprites generally look good, but there's a few little things that seemw eird. Like the girl's dress. when the right arm (right direction), goes forward, and her right leg backwards, the skirt...

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