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  1. [Ace] Difficulty Script v5.0 **UPDATED****NEW**

    Am I the only one who sees your code has one huge horizontal line? Kind of a mess to rearrange. EDIT:  Did you upload it on a standard platform like pastebin or something?
  2. Skill/Item List based on Learn/Obtain order

    Where do you put this? It isnt working for me (crashes when starting game)
  3. Magecraft [RPG]

    (Last Update: April 4th 2016) Synopsis In a land where the many fall under the complete dominion of a small oligarchy the political climate reaches a pinnacle of tension. On the brink of war, the old alliances have fallen and the rulers of the land grow more paranoaic every day. An...

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Changed my avatar, goodbye Alan Sugar, hello George Carlin (one of my favorite human beings ever)
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A lot to learn to make a game. Can I handle it?
I've been working on status effects since last thursday, and today I finished the core mechanic of Zombie, Teleport, Curse and Recall. Zombie and Curse are lacking a few things to make them complete atm. Teleport though is the "HAHA" spell for some of my mobs, but can "NOPE" at them with Recall.

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