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  1. Remove Border Without Changing Windowskin?

    Changing the windowskin used by window objects is very easy. To make a window object not use a windowskin just set that attribute to nil. You could even make each one use a different one.class Scene_Menu alias create_gold_window_windowskin create_gold_window def create_gold_window...
  2. Export png images in the game folder by "Script call" of an event.

    If you just want to copy a file:module Export def self.picture(filename, destination_directory = '.')'Graphics/Pictures/', filename), 'rb') do |s|, filename), 'wb') do |d| IO.copy_stream(s, d) end end...
  3. hp/mp number into percentage?

    Your description doesn't match your screenshots. It won't work if MHP is 1 because this means your HP will either be 0 or 1 (0% or 100%). And if knockout isn't allowed it'll stay at 1 (100%).
  4. hp/mp number into percentage?

    Small misunderstanding? The question wasn't for you. It was a bug in @gstv87 code but I believe we both had the NaN bug. While dividing by zero is actually possible it usually doesn't end well further down the road. If Change HP/MP doesn't work (for me it does), please post current/max HP/MP...
  5. hp/mp number into percentage?

    @gstv87: You didn't have to delete it. My code is mostly the default code too. Who knows if the sizes and alignment is correct. Btw. I hate that squeezed text misfeature. Also btw. Float#to_i always rounds down. If you have 0% health (for example, when current=2 and max=562) but are still...
  6. hp/mp number into percentage?

    class Window_MenuStatus def draw_current_and_max_values(x, y, width, current, max, color1, _color2) percentage = "#{(current.fdiv(max) * 100).ceil}%" change_color(color1) xr = x + width draw_text(xr - 40, y, 42, line_height, percentage, 2) end endFeel free to complain if it...
  7. hp/mp number into percentage?

    Should HP and MP be drawn as percentage everywhere or only in the menu?
  8. Change the tittle screen options

    Database -> Terms -> Glossary5
  9. Bug in conditional branch critical error at C0000005 at address 004A6638

    This bug was fixed by 1.02a (in 2005). It wouldn't surprise me at all if the developers reintroduced it but I'm not convinced you're using 1.05 either. Anyway you can choose Script instead which can be found on the same tab and enter $ >= 1000 or $ <= 1000.
  10. Bug in conditional branch critical error at C0000005 at address 004A6638

    Which RPG Maker XP version are you using?
  11. play ME for title music instead of BGM?

    Sorry. It apparently has to be: $game_system.me_play('TitleME')).
  12. play ME for title music instead of BGM?

    Search in Scene_Title for $game_system.bgm_play($data_system.title_bgm) (line 61 for me). Delete it or comment it out (with # so the code changes its color to green). Then add $game_system.me_play('TitleME') after the line containing Audio.me_stop (line 63). I don't know at the moment if...
  13. How do I make a window Opaque?

    Try again. There was a stray space.
  14. How do I make a window Opaque?

    The back_opacity attribute defaults to 192. You need to set it to 255. class Window_Base alias initialize_wo_opaque initialize def initialize(x, y, w, h) initialize_wo_opaque(x, y, w, h) self.back_opacity = 255 end endThis makes most windows (excl. battle log, scrolling text, etc.)...
  15. [VX Ace] Tsukihime's Collision Maps DLL Crashing; Needs Recompiling?

    The DLL requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable for x86 to be installed.

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