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  • I am totally lost,

    My apologies but I am not use to how forums work.

    I made this account months ago and have yet to post anything.

    I doubt anyone would see but

    In MV is it possible for monsters attacks to be temporarily enhanced if hit by a specific element?
    Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    Yeah, no time like the present. Read over the forum rules which you can find by clicking the tab at the top of the site and just start exploring and really looking around the site. Post some stuff and don't be afraid to make a mistake along the way. The mods aren't too malicious here! (Well except for that Sharm lady!  :p )
    I love you too, Vox.  :p
    Thank you
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ScreenShot_3_30_2023_10_5_45.pngstarted working on a new area today. It's a warped version of being inside someone's home. Also moved the face and Panic gauges to be out of the way of the map names. switching moods actively changes what you encounter. Calm is normal while anxious is all the way up to Manic.
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And yes kiddos smoking, alcohol and too much coffee or tea are bad for you - but in the 20's we didnt know that yet xD

This is for demonstration of random vocal.
My mom showed up yesterday and I wanted to proudly show off my comic con web page. So of course, it no longer existed. I guess when the 4 day event was over they removed it.
Feeling like a creative Pattato this morning...

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