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    Game/Mapping Workflow Tips?

    I'm just curious in the different ways people work when building their game. Specifically mapping.  The hurdle I usually hit is when to map. I tend to start with some sort of village and I take the time to do a so-so map (mapping isn't my strong suit). Then I might fill in the events I want...
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    How are you using the boat (not a technical question)?

    I was just wondering how other people go about using the boat. Specifically, where are you putting the boat?  Let's say you get the boat by a town and when you leave the town it's in the shallow water. You explore. You get back on land. You travel around and at some point you end up somewhere...
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    Common Event on Move

    I've got it working. I have an event that stores the player x and y in a variable. I created new "Last X" and "Last Y" variables, put a check if Last X/Y is different than Player X/Y, and if it is different it calls the common event.
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    Common Event on Move

    The basic idea is when a player is on a certain terrain, say walking through the forest, the player will have a chance of picking up wood. I never thought of using steps before. I think I should be able to come up with something where I either check the change in steps, or just check the...
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    Common Event on Move

    Yes, but it would prevent it from executing the effect of the event repeatedly when all conditions are met which is really what I'm wanting to do, I was just thinking there was a way to only execute the event once per step instead of over and over again. How many times does a script get...
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    Common Event on Move

    This is what I was planning on doing. It just seems inefficient to continually call a script when you only need to run it once per step. Thanks everyone for the help!
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    Common Event on Move

    I'm looking to run a common event just once when the player moves. The idea of what I want the event to do: when a player goes over a certain terrain tag I want to check for a specific key item, and if that item exists add a specific item to the player's inventory. Right now the script...
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    Make Impassable Tile Passable

    I ended up setting the Outside_A3 tileset as the D tileset which let me use that as the event graphic. This works a little funny with the autotiles since the roof tiles have a sort of left/right tile and a center tile, but for the tileset you can only choose left or right. Thanks for the replies!
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    Make Impassable Tile Passable

    I'm looking to make a single roof tile passable. I'd like the player to go behind a building to find a secret entrance to a building and have one tile of the roof be passable and transfer the player. Any idea how to do that? I know I can make a special tile on a new sprite set and use that as...
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    Key Item Buffs

    Thank you for the reply, Andar.  I basically just want the player to find a 4-leaf clover that will be a key item that could not be consumed. I haven't fully decided what I want the effects of the clover to be, but I'd like whatever those effects are to always be active. Basically it's a...
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    Key Item Buffs

    I feel like this is a simple one, but I can't quite seem to dig up an answer. I want a key item...let's just say for example a 4-leaf clover...that does something like permanently ups the characters luck or enables the double item drop party ability. How hard would this be to do? 
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    RTP Edits

    I did a little bit of digging but didn't see much, but is there anywhere where there is a set of RTP edits that just has things like the furniture adjusted to fit the walls better, maybe some better grouping of things, stuff like that? I know it's not the hardest thing in the world to do, but it...
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    Cannot get started.

    I just started with the 3rd tutorial (Basic Platformer) and haven't even looked at the first two. There are probably a few pearls of wisdom in those first two, but I figured it'd be best to learn how to use IGM and get familiar with it before really attempting my first game. IGM is fairly...
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    Player and Sword Gadgets

    This is exactly what I ended up doing and it actually worked better than I thought it would. I'd still like to know how they (whoever "they" is) do it in all the sample games. I've studied the various games and tried to duplicate what they do but I can't seem to get it to work right. If you...
  15. Cricketfoot

    Player and Sword Gadgets

    Well shucks, I guess I'm on my own. Does anyone know of any other resources for learning IG Maker? I didn't see much when I Googled it. IG Maker is a great product with a steep learning curve made even steeper by the lack of support for the product. 

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