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  • Been working furiously on a game for a game jam that's due early tomorrow, and I have a good chunk to finish. Forgot entirely that I had an appointment to get a wisdom tooth out, and now I'm worrying that I'll be too out of it to do my work tonight. 

    Welp. Maybe I'll work through the pain. 
    Designing the battle system and quest trees for my game. Flying by the seat of my pants. The breeze is exhilarating.
    Thanks! I'm keeping it basic turn-based and making sure to introduce the concepts slowly to the players. ((The only real difference here is the introduction of dual tech-type skills, as well as the introduction of certain skills and buffs dependent on 1) the characters in your party, and 2) whether the relationships between characters are negative or positive)). The parties remain one or two characters for a good chunk of the game, and slowly introduce more party members so that the player can (hopefully) get used to the strategy of placing the right players in their battles.  The story is about growing up and how your relationships with other people affect how you grow, so I wanted the battle system to actually be reflective of that, as opposed to just kind of being there because it's an RPG. 

    But the core of a turn-based system is still there, so hopefully the new concepts are just sugar on top of a familiar pie haha 
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    If your game is anything like your avatar and cover image... I'm interested in looking at the project if you don't mind!
    Thanks so much for the interest!! The avatar is actually from a graphic novel I'm working on, but the cover image is a piece of concept art (maybe cut scene art) for the game, yes. 

    I don't have anything really showable right now because I want to make sure I can get the fight system working before I put anything out for people to look at. It's half-coded right now, but not done. It's kind of why I haven't even made an early development thread :S I have a load of concept art and started making the sprites and map tiles (they're all going to be original--I love giving myself a lot of work haha), but nothing close to a demo yet. 

    But when it's in a more workable state I would love to have you take a look at it and give me opinions!! This is my first big project with the RPGMaker engine, so I'm excited for feedback when I'm in more of a state to get it ^_^ 
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Just a reminder to back your projects up. Do it now! :yamero:
If there was an award for best game dev procrastination, I'd say 'meh, I'll pick it up tomorrow' >_>
Honestly though, I've been staring at the same half-made map for a while now haha! Ahhh, I'm so tired of mapping!
Time to add the support for import/export default RMXP maps. Maybe there will be customized tileset support later. In theory, I can reimplement the entire RMXP inside this RMXP-made game to make more RMXP games. :kaojoy:RMXPFORMATSUPPORT.jpg
Gonna make a story driven game someday in RPG Maker about this diseased character in my head. Will keep you posted, although I was warned by the authorities that posting too much would be considered 'spamming' so I WON'T SPAM. It'll be before I go in anyways. It's gonna be messed up but it won't be explicitly pornographic so don't worry, I'll give all the content warnings. :barf::barf::barf:
If you're a RM plugin developer, and you're reading this...

Thank you. You're awesome. Even if I haven't used your plugin, your work is appreciated.

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