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    RMVXA HorrorVale - The SPOOKY Halloween Themed RPG [DEMO]

    I played through the demo yesterday and it was really fun. The art and music are insanely good. The puzzles are fun and intuitive and aren't overly difficult. The mapping is solid and unique. The skills are fun and make sense for the setting and the mechanic for Jekyll is fun as well...
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    RMVXA Geiken

    Thanks for watching the playthru atoms! I appreciate it
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    RMVXA Geiken

    Hey everyone, The other day I did a live interview with the developer of Geiken and got some really good insights into the game! Check it out if you are interested.
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    RMVXA Geiken

    Know that there are six different endings for this game and I didn't even get the "canon" ending, and I will say that this story is easily a 10/10. The choices that the player have to make have real, actionable consequences that rival something Bioware used to do before they shilled out for EA...
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    Live Stream Let's Plays!

    Finished the Chapter 1 Demo of The Seven Seals, give it a watch and if you like the way the stream is handled, join the discord and get your project streamed as well. No game is too small or large to get a look!
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    RMMV Final Fantasy XI Braver (New Build 11/27/20)

    Hey, just wanted to let people know that I've played through the entire first chapter and I enjoyed it quite a bit. If you wanted to check out the playthrough it's up on youtube: Summary: I admittedly love the source...

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