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    Instant Turn Battle

    You need to specify a Default Turn Sheet in the plugin parameters e.g. Actor1. Important you dont need the .png suffix. The file needs to be included in the specified Turn Sheet Folder (default: img/faces/). Now you need to add <ITBSheetIndex: n> to each battlers notes where n is the index of...
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    Instant Turn Battle System

    Which version of the plugin are you using? If you are using the plugin linked in this thread you should use this instead. Did you try it with just YEP_CoreEngine and YEP_BattleEngineCore?
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    Instant Turn Battle System

    And he specifically states before: The best way to achive it is using Yanflys Instant Cast Plugin with the Standart Battle System and not this one.
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    Instant Turn Battle System

    If you are using Yanfly Battle Engine Core: then I think you can achieve that with Yanflys instant cast plugin.
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    Instant Turn Battle System

    Yes, you can use <free_itb_action> inside the skills notetags to achieve that.
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    I fixed the issue in the newly released update. If you have any other problems let me know.
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    Thank you I will look into it. Actually I already finished the next update and added all planned features from the list. Just testing it now and will be released probably on monday,
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    Update 1.1 BravelyTitleScreen is a plugin for the RPG Maker MV with the goal of mimicking the title screen from Bravely Second: End Layer in RPG Maker MV. Its fully compatible with RMMV 1.6.1 and also might work with 1.5.x but lower version are not supported because of missing ES6...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hey Guys, in Spriteset_Base.prototype.createBaseSprite it creates a new ScreenSprite called _blackScreen which is subsequently as a child to each _baseSprite in every Spriteset. Does _blackScreen serve no other purpose than being a black base for the _baseSprite and its save to assume it doesnt...
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    Instant Turn Battle System

    A little neat feature would be, that you can change the rate of hitting the enemy weakness. It is only possible when the attack does not hit, but it would be nice if the attack lands and you can e.g. set the chance for hitting the weakness to 50%, to add something like a stagger chance.
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    Instant Turn Battle System

    Hello, I did not have the chance or the possibility to test the script, but I would like to know if the battle is based on You_Party_turn and The_Enemy_Troop_turn structure. To be more precise, in my party are 3 Battlers (b1, b2, b3) and the enemy troop consists of 3 enemies (e1, e2, e3). Do...

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