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    Save Location Issue

    That worked, thank you so much for the help! <(^.^)>
  2. Crocandthemoon

    Save Location Issue

    So, when I deleted config.rpgsave and gobal.rpgsave, I couldn't make any other saves in test mode. So, I copied the config.rpgsave and global.rpgsave from a different game folder and pasted them into the save folder, it got saving to work again, but still the same issue.
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    Save Location Issue

    I tried that, even went as far as deleting the global.rpgsave and config.rpgsave then replacing them, but same situation :/ Tried saving over files with a new game, no dice.
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    Save Location Issue

    So, I'm working on a game with only one save slot (which I learned how to do here, thanks Shaz) but, I've run into a slight issue as of late and I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. I haven't messed with the file since doing the change slots, but everytime I go to...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    The YEP_X_EventChaseStealth plugin doesn't display any options in it even with the YEP_EventChasePlayer activated. I've tried downloading the latest version a few times to no avail :/
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    Probably Should Say Hi

    I'll send you a PM after work if you'd like and maybe we can come together for something :D
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    Probably Should Say Hi

    Thank you very much! Oh my, haha. I was doing a game that was puzzle based and I had them all working in one room, went to sleep and the next day I forgot how they all worked XD So I had to backtrack and remake them. The worst thing for me is figuring out if a map is interesting enough or...
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    Probably Should Say Hi

    I'm just trying to make a game that's under 1 GB when exporting, haha. That's my immediate goal for the week, and learning how to write better, more engaging stories :)
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    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    If it's not fun, just make really good graphics and people won't notice.
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    Probably Should Say Hi

    I never beat it until I was 21...Young me didn't know the Saturn needed memory cards to save progress, haha. We totally should, are you working on any projects at the moment?
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    Runecaster Saga (recruiting)

    I'd love to help out with writing if this is still active :)
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    Nintendo Friend Code Exchange!

    Mine is 3995-6682-7962 I probably should get a more recent system than the Wii U at this point >.>
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    Probably Should Say Hi

    Hi there, I think I forgot to say hi a while ago, so thought I might as well. Hi, my name is Nate, I've been playing around with MV for a while and love it (still miss being in high school and playing around with XP, haha). I went to school for film and writing and now work in marketing...
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    It's Gonna Be A Long Night (A short murder/mystery game)

    Added link to demo and thanks to everyone who's been helping out!
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    It's Gonna Be a Long Night [Horror][Puzzle][RPG]

    Title: It’s Going to Be A Long Night Genre: Horror/Puzzle Release Date: 10/13/2016 Developer: Nate-Nite Estimated Demo Runtime: 20-60 minutes Demo Version: 0.9 Estimated Rating: R13 Disclaimer: This game may or may not contain content that some find sexual such as dark themes and...

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